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Expert Financial Analyst Joseph Ghazarian on Making Smart Investment Decisions

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unforgettable time in history, its effects affecting all industries and businesses worldwide. Unfortunately, one of the industries that suffered was the stock market industry, with stocks plummeting, leaving a tale of woes in its wake. However, amid the mid-pandemic desperation and panic, trailblazing entrepreneur and world-class financial analyst Joseph Ghazarian saw an opportunity to invest right as the market began to fall. 

Having studied at the California State University, Northridge, Joseph Ghazarian is an expert financial analyst with world-class knowledge of oil trades and investment strategies. He prides himself on analyzing market trends to anticipate and optimize for the road ahead. In addition to his brilliance in the financial world, the power player is also an avid fashion lover, passionate about community building through beauty and art. In fact, he has a background in interior design abroad, combined with his business expertise and has been a crucial part of several upscale fashion and beauty pageants in the United States for over a decade. 

This inspiring individual took a leap of faith at the pandemic's peak, leveraging his extensive knowledge to make careful investment calculations during one of the worst stock market downturns in history. After much consideration, he purchased an extremely risky stock - one MicroSectors US Big Oil Index. On Jan. 01, 2020, the stock price was $996, but by the time the initial lockdowns went into effect in March, the price plummeted to around $22. Undeterred by the lost value, he bought in near the bottom with a straightforward rationale: "What can I grab that is only hit because of COVID-19?" 

To further add to the precariousness of the situation, the beauty pageant business completely shut down, and as the weeks wore on, things became financially bleak. Still, the firebrand entrepreneur continued to build on his position in MicroSectors US Big Oil Index, investing any money he could invest in stocks. In just over a year, his investments paid off, and Joseph turned an initial $7000 investment in the stock market, especially in MicroSectors US Big Oil Index, into an $800,000 portfolio. 

After the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, Joseph again saw an opportunity and used his extensive knowledge in day-trading commodities to map out investment strategies, especially in oil and Natural Gas. Again, his result-driven strategy was a hit, and over the last six months, he generated $115,000 per month in portfolio income from Oil and Gas trading. At only 39, Joseph Ghazarian has achieved something incredible, his result-driven strategies paving the way for a financially secure future. "I work only ten hours per week now, and I get to spend the rest of my time with my family," he shared. 

While Joseph takes a more hands-on investment approach, picking individual stocks can be incredibly difficult and risky, and seasoned investors lose money this way. For this reason, Joseph encourages young people to understand the more significant concepts of investing. "Get in the proper mindset and invest in understanding how compound interest can work," he says. But finally, he advises young investors to trust their gut when it comes to making investment decisions. "You have to take a few random risks...just go for it," he says.

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