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Howard University Grad Launches A.I. Company to Help Indie Authors Sell More Books

Book Blaster is the world's first A.I. marketing assistant for authors. The algorithm was developed by copywriting experts and has tools for creating high-quality book marketing content quickly and at a fraction of the cost of marketing agencies.

Cameron Clarkson is a problem solver. He is incredibly passionate about helping indie authors find solutions to the issues that complicate their success as authors working independently. By avoiding the traditional publishing route, authors take on all of the responsibility of getting their books in the hands of readers.

As a self-published author, marketing wiz, and business coach Cameron has invaluable insight into the unique needs of indie authors. It is with that in mind that they have launched Book Blaster IO. Cameron’s path into this tech venture was not an easy one. Cameron’s journey is a story of triumph, self-discovery, and conscious innovation.

While growing up in Minnesota, Cameron was victimized by one of his high school teachers. He was only 16, but the fallout after the teacher was exposed would follow Cameron into adulthood. Instead of being protected, he was vilified, bullied, and marginalized by the school and surrounding community. 

Cameron regained his stride as a student at Howard University. Coming to the university, affectionately known as the Mecca, he got to experience the diversity of the Black diaspora in a way he never could in Minnesota. Here, he rediscovered himself and learned about the different ways one could be an activist. He learned a valuable lesson through activism—money is required to get things done. That lesson triggered his interest in entrepreneurship. 

Once he left D.C after graduating, he had to figure out a plan since his political science degree did not equip him with in-demand skills. The entrepreneurial bug had bitten him, and he was drawn to that path despite not having a specific niche.

He found his footing in the food and beverage industry. He launched the Twin Cities Directory, which led to a career in food and beverage marketing. Then he met Chef Justin Sutherland, of Top Chef fame. His partnership with Sutherland put his work in the spotlight. He eventually oversaw Sutherland’s digital branding while opening over ten restaurants. He was successful, working with numerous top chefs and large hospitality companies. 

The success he had found came to a halt when the Covid-19 pandemic happened. Cameron found himself drinking again, a habit he had picked up to cope with the traumatic experiences in High School. He struggled at first to find a way to pivot his entrepreneurial success. Then his partner finished her book, Start Ghetto.

Watching her go through the process of self-publishing piqued his interest in the world of indie authors. Admittedly, he’d never made the connection between making money and being an author. As he observed the process, he figured out the formula to sell books successfully without the assistance of a publishing house. This renewed his interest in problem-solving through entrepreneurship

He wrote and published Bottomless Book Sales and began coaching independent authors to scale their businesses and increase revenue. His tips included having a well-crafted landing page and investing in organic traffic from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Many indie authors spend their limited time, money, and energy advertising in a vacuum that yields little results. 

Many authors are still resistant to his advice. A quality landing page can be expensive, and the business of marketing their book can seem daunting alone. He had to meet authors where they were at. That’s why he developed Book Blaster IO.

With this venture, Cameron is poised to successfully fulfill his mission of making the business of selling books accessible to anyone. 

More information about BookBlaster is available on the company’s official website.  

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