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Open Source Initiative Announces Slate of Experts Participating in 'Deep Dive: AI' Panel Discussions

Leading experts to discuss how AI ruptures the boundary between AI and software, what is acceptable for AI systems to be ‘Open Source,' and the steps we need to take to protect rights and freedoms of AI developers and society as a whole.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (PRWEB) October 04, 2022

The Open Source Initiative has announced the panelists for Deep Dive: AI Fathom II, a series of four panel discussions intended to dissect the issues posed by AI systems to open source communities and society as a whole. Each panel will provide its own perspective—business, academic, legal, or societal—on how AI may affect the future of open source. The virtual event is free and open to the public.

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"The Open Source Definition has served the community as a north star for over two decades, creating a huge, thriving ecosystem and shaping conversations during the emergence of the internet and a host of emerging technologies, but AI ruptures the boundary between AI and software and is therefore challenging the definition in new and surprising ways," said Stefano Maffulli, executive director of the Open Source Initiative.

"With AI, there's now a layer of abstraction where it's not clear who is doing the computing, who can see it or how the user can modify that behavior if the results are unfair or unsatisfactory," explained Maffulli. "The traditional view of open source code implementing AI algorithms may not be sufficient to guarantee inspectability and replicability of the AI systems. Meanwhile, as AI and automated systems become more pervasive every day, government regulators are rushing to define policies to avoid unintended and detrimental consequences. Now is the time to sharpen our collective knowledge about AI and collaborate on ways to maximize its potential while safeguarding society. That's what these Deep Dive: AI panel discussions are all about, and we are proud of and grateful for the participation of the experts who are contributing their time and expertise to this important dialogue."

*Experts Explore Ramifications of AI in Deep Dive: AI Panel Discussions*

October 11: Exploring the Business Models in AI

  • Stella Biderman, mathematician and theoretical computer scientist, EleutherAI
  • Astor Nummelin Carlberg, executive director, Open Forum Europe
  • David Kanter, executive director, MLCommons
  • Sal Kimmich, developer relations, Open Source

October 13: How Society Can Ensure AI Systems Serve the Common Good

  • Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis, AI counsel, Hugging Face
  • Luis Villa, co-founder and general counsel, Tidelift
  • Kat Walsh, general counsel, Creative Commons
  • Kit Walsh, senior staff attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation

October 18: Considering the Legal Aspects of AI

  • Pamela Chestek, principal, Chestek Legal
  • Danish Contractor, researcher, IBM Research
  • Adrin Jalal, scikit-learn and Fairlearn core developer and engineer, Hugging Face
  • Jennifer Lee, technology and Liberty Project manager, ACLU-WA

October 20: Forging AI Collaboration and Innovation in Academia

  • Chris Albon, director of machine learning, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Ibrahim Haddad, general manager, AI & Data Foundation (LF)
  • Amy Heineike, vice president of engineering, 7bridges AI
  • Mark Surman, executive director, Mozilla Foundation

Hosted by the Open Source Initiative, Deep Dive: AI is an event in three parts:
1. Fathom I: A podcast series featuring experts from the legal field and academia as well as developers and policy experts.
2. Fathom II: Panel discussions, as outlined above.
3. Fathom III: A published report summarizing the learnings from these discussions. The report will be published later this year.

About the Open Source Initiative
The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is the steward of the Open Source Definition, setting the foundation for the global open source ecosystem. Founded in 1998, OSI protects and promotes open source software, development and communities, championing software freedom in society through education, collaboration and infrastructure. The OSI is a public charity, and anyone interested in supporting the defense of Open Source Definitions can join today at


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