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TheBigPicture Announces The Launch of Its Revolutionary Wellness Platform TheBigPicture Health App


TheBigPicture Health, Inc. Logo

TheBigPicture Health, Inc. Co-Founders Cabral Sylvester (CEO) and Daniel Chartock (CTO)

TheBigPicture Health, Inc. Co-Founders Cabral Sylvester (CEO) and Daniel Chartock (CTO)

TheBigPicture's Revolutionary Wellness Dashboard

TheBigPicture's Revolutionary Wellness Dashboard

TheBigPicture Health App Main Dashboards

TheBigPicture Health App Main Dashboards

The Company Was Honored For Its Work On The Platform At Last Year’s IFAH Conference As One Of The Top 50 Healthcare Visionary Companies Globally

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 4, 2022/ -- TheBigPicture Health, Inc. today announced the launch of the public version of its TheBigPicture Health app. The platform, now available on the Apple App Store, will see an updated version available in Google Play in the next several weeks.

The app is a framework designed to give users proactive control of their health, health records their health journey, and providing them tools that empower transformational decision making in their day-to-day lives. The app is a comprehensive tool that empowers users to take control of their Electronic Health Records (EHR), while simultaneously providing a strategic method for users to manage and prevent chronic diseases. The EHR feature enables users to carry their medical records in their pocket at all times.

The next generation lifestyle tool will alter the future of healthcare with features that include Electronic Health Record (EHR) management, preventative screen and vaccine roadmapping, interactive wellness programs, food and calorie tracking, AI food recognition, and daily tips and challenges to improve key health metrics, along with a free signup and trial, all bundled into a secure app.

The International Forum of Advancement in Healthcare (IFAH) recognized TheBigPicture as one of the Top 50 Health Companies in the World last year for their work on the platform, the ease of the user interface, and the impact it has to make on humanity and the healthcare industry.

Lack of interoperability has historically been a glaring impediment in Medical Record management. Patients often do not have access to their medical records once they leave a provider. TheBigPicture breaks the legacy mold that requires people to request their lifelong health information from their previous medical providers by enabling The User’s Electronic Health Records to travel with the User throughout their lifetime; even if they change Employers, Doctors, Providers, Hospitals, and Insurer’s.

States Cabral Sylvester, Co-Founder & CEO of TheBigPicture Health, Inc, “TheBigPicture is an app that aims to transform healthcare, by creating a digital health platform that is as simple, affordable and accessible as Netflix or Amazon Prime.”

States Daniel Chartock, Co-Founder & CTO of TheBigPicture Health, Inc., “TheBigPicture is the lifestyle tool that will transform the future of digital healthcare. Many have tried to reinvent the user journey with too much of a focus on the technical aspects being front and center. TheBigPicture provides an easy-to-understand, user-centric experience that is designed to implore the user to want to be proactive in their healthcare journey. All of the technical aspects have been placed under the hood, where they belong, and we give our users robust yet intuitive individual Electronic Health Record management, preventative screens and vaccine roadmapping, A.I. enabled meal tracking, interactive wellness programs, and free signup, all bundled into a totally secure consumer app. This is groundbreaking.”

In addition to Electronic Health Record management, TheBigPicture also places a special emphasis on Chronic Disease Management & Prevention. There are over 150 million Americans (47%) that have at least 1 chronic condition, and 30 million Americans are living with five or more. This makes the need for a tool that can truly work to mitigate and manage these challenges all the more important. TheBigPicture was born of this desire to address this.

The Center for Disease Control ( defines Chronic Disease as a medical condition which:
- Persists for at least a year
- Requires ongoing medical attention, or limits daily activity
- Does not have a cure
- Is generally non-communicable, non-infectious, non-viral

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, diet-and-lifestyle related Chronic Diseases accounted for up to 90% of healthcare costs. While we don’t yet know how healthcare expenses will land once the Pandemic is brought under control, there is much evidence to suggest that people with comorbidities and pre-existing conditions (i.e. Chronic Diseases) have been among the most vulnerable to COVID-19.

Users can learn more about TheBigPicture at

About TheBigPicture Health
TheBigPicture is a health management platform that is transforming the world. Debuting publicly in October 2022, our mission is to create a ubiquitous healthcare platform that is comprehensive enough to scale up to address the World’s collective healthcare needs, while also being agile enough to scale down to meet each of our individual healthcare requirements that are as unique as our DNA. This allows TheBigPicture to exist at the intersection where Personalized Medicine meets Population Health, enabling all of us to have a healthier future within our control.

About Cabral Sylvester
Cabral is a seasoned Lean-Agile IT Product Manager, who has spent the last several years managing a suite of software applications owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). He earned his Bachelors in Business Administration from The University of Maryland, and a Certificate in Software and Product Development from Tech Bootcamp, General Assembly.

About Daniel Chartock
Daniel has pioneered the intersection of communications, business and technology, binding them together to drive brand and business growth. He has worked to deliver spectacular and impactful digital and integrated traditional media campaigns for many clients and leads TAG Collective to help clients reach and exceed their goals. Daniel has worked with Fortune 500 companies, including Avis Budget Group, working to deliver metric based results directly impacting EBITDA and driving their bottom line. Daniel holds a degree in Communications and Business from St. John’s University in New York. Daniel was honored in 2021 as one of the Top 100 Healthcare Visionaries in the world for his work across Tech and Healthcare and his work on TheBigPicture application and platform.


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