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Retail Consultants YRC outlines some of its key services for grocery startups in Dubai

Retail Consultants YRC outlines some of its key services for grocery startups in Dubai

Retail Consultants YRC outlines some of its key services for grocery startups in Dubai

YRC is a boutique retail and eCommerce consulting firm with a growing presence in Dubai and the UAE.

YRC is a Management Consulting Company, especially for the B-C Sector. Empowering Retail & E-commerce businesses.”
— Nikhil Agarwal
DUBAI, September 29, 2022 / -- In its 10 years of experience, the team has worked with numerous entrepreneurs in their journey of setting up their grocery startups. As FMCG business consulting experts, YRC has played an instrumental role in converting many business ideas into reality with reliable planning and implementation assistance. In this communiqué, YRC outlines its services for budding grocery startups in Dubai.

Grocery store business model

The business model is a make-or-break factor in any type of business. Grocery stores are no exception. Sometimes a grocery store does well because of its suitable location. Sometimes it is the all-season discounted pricing strategy that works. Sometimes free home delivery irrespective of the bill amount does the trick. It all depends on how well a grocery store interprets customers and their requirements. With a decade-long experience in business model development, YRC helps grocery startups identify these value propositions and come up with a competitive and workable business model.

Business software identification and implementation

As an online business consulting brand, YRC maintains that without digitisation and automation, it gets challenging for grocery stores to operate efficiently and deliver a competitive customer experience. Considering Dubai’s retail grocery space, keeping loopholes in the software environment is close to keeping a sink open in the base of a boat in the water. But to have the right IT solutions in place, businesses need to first establish what their business-IT requirements are. The answers come from the SOPs. In FMCG business consulting ( ) , YRC helps grocery startups in identifying, customising and implementing the best-fit software solutions for their businesses. We also help them in IT vendor search and selection.

SOPs for grocery business

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) not only make a grocery business process-driven but also give it a robust operational framework. This operational framework is critical for achieving growth and expansion in the future. With SOPs, businesses can define the operational roadmap for achieving robust inventory control, improving the efficiency of the supply chain operations, streamlining omnichannel operations, managing employees, or for any other core or support business process.

YRC’s expertise here, in grocery business consulting, is SOP development and providing the necessary SOP implementation assistance for startups and SMEs. The objective is to make these businesses process-driven and growth-oriented from an operations perspective. In Dubai, offline grocery stores are subject to stiff competition from their online and omnichannel counterparts. Without robust processes, doing business gets difficult in the brick-and-mortar format.

Layout planning for grocery stores

Experienced FMCG business consulting experts are often heard preaching that the layout design of a grocery store begins to speak for the business even before visual merchandising, attractive price tags or employees’ greetings. The layout design affects the in-store experience of customers. This is one of the most vital physical touchpoints in brick-and-mortar retailing. And with space constraints and soaring real estate prices in Dubai, startups should go for space optimisation.

Keeping the physical constraints, marketing strategies and branding objectives in consideration, YRC helps grocery stores craft a strong layout strategy encompassing:

· Planogram,
· Visual merchandising,
· Zone classification,
· Movement: Time and motion study,
· Merchandise planning,
· Store security, and much more

Digital Marketing

Not knowing how digital marketing could help a business is no better than not investing in it. Because investing in digital marketing without understanding how it could be leveraged will soon turn out to be a waste of resources. On the contrary, the right efforts strengthen the digital presence of a brand. However, even if a business realises this, digital marketing is no longer an easy game. The competition is intense across platforms for visibility and engagement. YRC’s experts help grocery startups and businesses take on digital marketing in a planned and systematic manner. With the kind of internet penetration exhibited in the UAE, the basics of digital marketing start at advanced levels. At times, it can get complicated even for many experienced retail and eCommerce consultants to get the desired traction in digital marketing.

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