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London Apostille Services has a database of 300+ documents requiring certification or legalisation and provides verification, notarisation, and FCDO processing.

We’ll be saving a lot of people a lot of searching by providing this free, easy to understand document database. ”
— Thomas Minarik
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 30, 2022 / -- Many visitors to the United Kingdom find the process of certifying or notarizing papers to be intimidating and cumbersome unless they have prior legal experience or the assistance of an attorney. In addition, more than 300+ documents need attestation or certification from a competent authority. Therefore, access to an online directory where one can check what documents need to be certified can undoubtedly be helpful for people. In addition, some legal service providers, like London Apostille Services Ltd. provide an easy online search to provide complete information on documents requiring a solicitor, notary, or no certification at all. Furthermore, the database holds information on several legal certifications, from birth and marriage to passport and export certificates, to help users understand and get assistance from competent authorities like FCDO and a local notary public or UK solicitor.

Document legalisation remains a complicated subject for ordinary people. Legalisation is the process by which official documents from one country are made valid in another by the appropriate authorities there. Legitimising documents requires confirming that authorized public officials signed them. This method verifies the document's legitimacy for use by companies or governments. Verification by authorized signatories is the only way to prove that it has been authenticated and is valid for usage overseas. People can get peace of mind if they can search and know what documents need attestation from a public notary, solicitor, or FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office).

Finding a website with a comprehensive document database requiring certification is difficult, though some websites offer a few examples. For example, London Apostille Services Ltd. offers notary public service in London and maintains an online database of more than 300 documents to combat this issue. The online database helps users understand the document legalisation process, whether documents need apostille certification or a solicitor's stamp.

Other instances when one needs solicitors certifying documents in London include personal documents, statutory declarations, and other papers. Photocopies of original documents that need to be legalised in other countries fall under this category. A lawyer, for instance, is not authorised to apostille documents or legal papers. Therefore, only document certification services are within their scope of practice. Nevertheless, apostilles are commonly used during the legalisation process. This official seal guarantees that the document is genuine. A document cannot be legalised unless it bears the proper certification.

Documents required by foreign authorities often require certification, but it can be challenging to determine who is qualified to provide this service. For example, doctors can certify papers about an individual's medical history, HMRC for certifying corporate and business documents, and other competent authorities can certify documents to begin the apostille process. In addition, local authorities in the destination country will likely require visitors to give legalised copies of their supporting paperwork. To provide the most up-to-date information and database on papers requiring certifications and legalisations, online service providers like London Apostille Services Ltd maintain working relationships with all embassies, the FCDO, the LCCI, and the ABCC in London.

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London Apostille Services Ltd maintains a comprehensive database of documents requiring legalisation and certification. Regular updates and close working relationships with embassies and local agencies assist in authenticating and certifying documents that need legalization. It offers services that can be selected from standard, premium, or same-day categories.

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