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Move As One, LLC Introduces the “Move As One” Program to Empower Business Leaders and their Teams

MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / -- Minnesota-based professional training and coaching company Move As One, LLC, introduces the "move as one" program to help business leaders and their teams grow together and contribute to the whole ecosystem.

Move As One, a Minnesota-based professional training and coaching company, provides consulting services that empower leaders and their teams to clarify direction and meet their highest goals. It incorporates the "move as one" system to cultivate a whole system perspective that moves in rhythm with the natural ecosystem. This results in moving as one within oneself, their community, and the environment, building toward a healthy society and helping others flourish.

According to the founder of Move As One, LLC, Julie Delene, "moving as one" means we include, ignite, and co-create with all the elements for the greater good. It guides individuals to be active, flexible, responsive, and authentic. She believes that when individuals move as one, they are in rhythm with the natural ecosystem. This changes how we react to issues, and instead to engage and pollinate healthy ecosystems within oneself, work, family, environment, and community. Companies looking to grow their businesses can turn to Move As One, LLC. The "move as one" approach helps organizations transform their employees into aware, competent and confident individuals, boosting business growth and enabling each employee to become a contributing individual in society.

Julie Delene created 5 Mindful Moves to integrate one’s energy, awareness, and action and mobilize mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual forces of human potential. She introduces these through game-playing experiences. While individual leaders and teams begin to name and understand the cycles of change, barriers and disconnects are released. This makes way for creative transformation and broadened leadership potentials to ignite. The teams then become energized, collaborative, engaged, internally accountable, self-motivated, and astoundingly effective. These moving conversations in teams and institutions offer dynamic movement intervention with assessments and exercises.

The overall "move as one" program helps individuals, businesses, and communities in several ways. It increases performance and productivity, renews passion and fulfills purpose, improves decision-making and leadership skills, engages teamwork, facilitates co-creative movements, and cultivates the whole system.

“The “move as one” system is a proven, powerful strategy to strengthen, energize and focus business leaders and teams by building presence, passion, purpose, and partnership. If your company/team is struggling to meet its goals, or if they need to realign with new goals or changed circumstances, I can help make the process of change both healthy and productive," Move As One, LLC founder Julie Delene stated.

About Move As One, LLC: Move As One, LLC is a professional training and coaching service that helps business leaders and their teams to co-create working relationships that are energized, mutually aligned, goal-directed, internally accountable, extremely satisfying, and astoundingly effective.

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