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Katie Meets The Troll Queen

Katie and The Troll Queen

A fun, quirky, and strange story of how The Troll Queen ended up challenging young Katie to a singing contest, as she picks berries in the forest

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 28, 2022 / -- It was the beginning of Katie’s summer vacation. With no classes until fall, she just couldn’t hold her excitement. One day, Katie wanders into the woods in hopes to pick some berries for her family. With Katie’s little adventure in the forest, she started singing. The sound would echo from tree to tree and Katie was amused as ever. Katie was merely expecting a normal day, picking out berries for dessert, singing while strolling in the wilderness, and then suddenly.. The Troll Queen appeared!

Katie’s grandmother has warned her about the Troll Queen but she has never thought they were real. Katie remembered what her grandma told her, that sometimes they would take children and then raise them as their own! A singing contest was proposed by the Troll Queen which Katie accepted as she loves to sing. After the contest, the troll queen has proclaimed Katie as the winner! The troll queen then leaves Katie with one condition, and that is to never speak about the contest to anyone, or else all of Katie’s winnings will be taken back!

The author, Grandma Nor, retired after 40 years of being a chef and a baker. With the amount of free time she had, she thought of writing children’s books. These books are fictitious yet the childhood of Grandma Nor is the inspiration behind these books. The author, Grandma Nor, recalls not having any playmates and she would make her own games. Growing up she remembered believing in trolls and fairies, thus narrating her childhood memories through her books!
Holly Scudero of San Francisco Book Review says “The story itself is clever and will certainly appeal to many, with a spunky main character who is willing to face her fears and out-sing the Troll Queen”.

The children’s book "Katie and The Troll Queen" by Grandma Nor is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other top online book retailers. Visit her website at for updates and information.

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