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An Enjoyable Read for Parents and Children, Released

The Curious Mind of Little Athena

“The Curious Mind of Little Athena” Brings Fun and Lessons to Everyone

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 22, 2022 / -- When we were children, we often asked questions about a lot of things - from toys, to biology, to human anatomy, to the universe. Virtually, we ask about everything and anything to our parents. With technology nowadays, however, children have grown even more inquisitive.

With the hope of helping parents and children to enjoy the many moments of Question and Answer (Q&A), a new book was released entitled “The Curious Mind of Little Athena”, that is both fun and relatable on so many levels.

Written by prolific author and poet Tamika Jaskolka, this book was written for children, primarily, but can also be enjoyed by parents.

Athena is the most peculiar child; she is full of life and full of questions. In this book her mother tries to explain everything to Athena with an educational and inspirational response. Athena, being the only child, often clings to her mother in search of answers.

Athena’s mother gives answers as diligently as possible with an understanding that most people - young and old alike - can understand.

Jaskolka is a prolific poet who has longed to be a mother most of her life. Back then, she was told she would never be able to conceive after a terrible miscarriage at the early age of 17. However, when she became pregnant at the age of 42, it broke the barriers. She then gave birth to this beautiful little girl, Athena.

In this book, Jaskolka covers the subject of many topics in various forms. The questions of traditional Education versus Spiritual Education, Mental Health, CoronaVirus, Racism and much more.

“I hope Parents can read this book to their children with an open mind and heart to engage in conversation one may have been putting off or too uncomfortable to speak on,” Jaskolka explains. She added that this is a book which allows those conversations to be done in a very gentle, non offensive but factual manner.

“The Curious Mind of Little Athena”, is now available on Amazon and other leading digital platforms worldwide.

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