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Life Lessons Await Young Readers in "Willie Wombat's Walk"

Willie Wombat's Walk

Willie Wombat's Walk

"Sandra Swain"

"Sandra Swain"

Sandra Swain's children's picture book helps kids deal with feeling left out

UNITED STATES, September 22, 2022 / -- When in-person schooling resumed after many months of lockdown due to the pandemic, children may be in for a shock as they leave the comforts of their homes and enter the classroom again. For many, it might be their first time interacting with so many peers. They are in for a lot of new life experiences, and Sandra Swain's children's picture book can help them prepare for what lies ahead. The pages of "Willie Wombat's Walk" contains invaluable life lessons that make for an engaging bedtime story parents can share with their little ones.

In Swain's tale, young readers will be introduced to a cast of furry friends, particularly the titular marsupial, who deal with the day-to-day realities of early elementary school life. The narrative focuses on how Willie the Wombat feels when, one day, he discovers that he wasn't invited to a birthday party. This makes him feel sad and ruins his day because he feels left out and thinks he is the only one who was excluded.

Many young readers will be able to relate to this experience and Swain's story shows them how to deal with such situations. They will follow Willie as he recovers from his devastation when he realizes others were also not invited and bonds with them. They all feel left out but because they come together, they wind up creating their own group and are no longer on their own.

Swain's story teaches young readers that they can deal with being left out by forming their own social circles and making new friends. Through this they will be empowered and will gain agency, which will improve their self-esteem.

Swain has the following message for her readers: "To all of the kids, who have felt like Willie, when they aren’t invited, just know we have all experienced this at some time in our lives. And to the moms who often plan these gatherings, remember this is a great opportunity to teach your children to be inclusive.

About the Author
Sandra Swain has a degree in journalism from Ohio State University and was a freelance writer for the Columbus Dispatch. She was the public relations director for Mt. Carmel Hospital, a copywriter for Lazarus and other department stores, and worked in special education. She served on the Board of Trustees of Lakeland Community College for 15 years and chaired it for two years. Currently she is a realtor in the Cleveland area. She has been interviewed on America Tonight Radio by Kate Delaney and Rebuilding Your Life Radio by Susan Sherayko.

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"Willie Wombat's Walk"