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Buying & selling Queen Elizabeth's commemorative products is a business opportunity for the right products and services.

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2022 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is a company focused on enhancing the growth of businesses and charities with their sales or donation milestones. For groups that set their sights on working with other companies, many business postal mailing lists are available for different markets. The databases have all the pertinent details, like phone numbers, names, and corporate titles of the most relevant decision-makers for these high-volume transactions.

Then there are those organizations with a preference for targeting the general public. These groups can benefit from the diverse array of consumer postal mailing lists that are available. The listings can be divided across both geographic and demographic marketing metrics. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing wants to help any business or charity reach its B2B or retail consumer marketing ambitions.

How Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Got Its Start
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has its roots in the ambitions of a disabled veteran. Once the responsibilities and duties of military service had been completed, it was decided to try a different direction. That direction, rather than defense, would focus on economic growth. This would be achieved by helping businesses or charities increase their outreach goals. A start-up was created in response to this, and today, the company proudly maintains staff with over 50 years of industry experience in the marketing sector.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing dove into the business world when paradigms shifted. The established media strategies like television and print advertising continued their dominance, but digital marketing entered the field. It was already making disruptions that industry experts expected to grow. The company put its efforts into direct mail, a good choice that unintentionally created crucial skill sets in data acquisition, management, and analytics. Then digital marketing took faster than anticipated, but few had the expertise to capitalize on it, despite the growing demand. The company integrated and offered digital marketing services, enjoying its early mover advantage and significant gains for its clients.

Fast forward to today, and Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has moved far past its starting service range of only the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The rest of the United States is now covered, including Alaska and Hawaii. All of North America is also served, with listings for various markets in Canada and Mexico. And for companies or charities wanting international coverage, it’s possible to cross the Atlantic and use lists that access European Union markets like France.

Royalty Continues To Fascinate North Americans
Although American history is rooted in a rebellion against a ruling monarchy, the idea of a royal family with princes, princesses, kings, and queens continues to maintain a high point of interest for Americans. Queen Elizabeth, in particular, has continued a long, memorable rein.

As a result, generations of Americans, from baby boomers to today’s millennials, still maintain an awareness of the queen of England. Some go so far as to enhance that interest by purchasing memorabilia and other commemorative products that celebrate the historically long rule of one of the world’s best-known monarchs.

A Marketing Opportunity
People who buy Queen Elizabeth commemorative souvenirs distinguish themselves from other Americans with unique purchasing characteristics. Those that actively collected Queen Elizabeth’s commemorative memorabilia are defining themselves as people with interest in the United Kingdom’s royal family. That interest often extends to other royals, both living and deceased, such as Princess Diana or her children, Prince Harry and Prince William.

This type of interest can also extend to a general “anglophile” interest in England, creating a new market for many products and services. Travel to England, for example, is one area where Queen Elizabeth enthusiasts will show a higher interest than the average American. The same is true for British-based products such as food, fashion, and clothing.

Many products and services can be marketed to this demographic with the right approach.

Reaching The Queen Elizabeth Commemorative Buyers
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has databases for Queen Elizabeth commemorative buyers all over the United States. The databases have the size and breadth to serve national marketing strategies but have the organizational tools to narrow down to regional approaches like the Great Lakes region. Market targeting can be even more precise, such as in a single state, like Illinois. Even single neighborhoods in a town or a city are possible, such as targeting Queen Elizabeth commemorative buyers in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

It’s also possible to break the databases down by specific demographic requirements. Queen Elizabeth commemorative buyers can be targeted by ethnicities, such as targeting British-Americans, or religious affiliations, such as only Protestant buyers. Financial categories can be requested, targeting mainly high-net-worth Queen Elizabeth commemorative buyers.

Contact details are available in whatever formats are needed. Direct mail campaigns will get physical mailing addresses for homes or businesses. Email addresses are provided for digital marketing campaigns. Home and business phone numbers will be provided for telemarketing-based plans. And for text/SMS-based marketing plans, cellular phone numbers can be given.

For clients with an interest in overseeing their direct mail campaign, turnkey direct mail solutions are available for those that lack experience and want guidance. The service carefully shepherds clients through the entire direct mail process, from planning to printing and distribution with the desired databases. Everything here happens under one roof, eliminating the usual need to source and vet the different vendors for each stage of the process.

If you want to market to Queen Elizabeth commemorative buyers throughout the USA, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. When you work with us, you support an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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