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Taken: Greed in the Dutch youth care sector and the painful situations it leaves behind

Jamie Faber | Taken

Jamie Faber | Taken

My child was illegally taken from me”
— Jamie Faber

In 2018, the Netherlands was shocked by the news that the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration had been falsely accused of fraud against parents. In what is now called the “Dutch childcare benefits scandal,” tens of thousands of parents have been unjustly labeled as fraudsters. The citizens of The Netherlands got shocked again as Kim Feenstra finds out shocking details from within the Dutch childcare sector.

Dutch childcare benefits scandal

The Dutch childcare benefits scandal was brought to the public attention in 2018 in a shocking report. In the report, it became clear that between 2013 and 2019, more than 25.000 parents became victims of unjust allegations from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. According to the tax authority, these parents made fraudulent benefit claims.

And since these claims were allegedly fraudulent, these parents were forced to pay back the childcare benefits they received over the years. This amounted in some cases to tens of thousands of euros.

As a result, many families were thrown into a difficult financial situation, leading to divorces and, in some cases, even the removal of children from their families.

In the same report published in 2018, the investigators' conclusions were clear; the working procedures of the Dutch tax authority are discriminatory. A parliamentary inquiry followed, which led to a deeper conclusion that the tax authority had violated the fundamental principles of the rule of law. The Rutte cabinet later resigned over the matter.

The next scandal? Deep-rooted problems in the Dutch childcare sector

In the new documentary Taken, Kim Feenstra finds out other shocking details from within the Dutch child care sector.

There is something seriously wrong with the Dutch childcare sector. The aforementioned childcare benefits scandal is just one of the problems. In many cases, youth care is a revenue model that hurts parents and children. Children can often only enter this complex system, but the exits are blocked by all stakeholders who want to maintain the revenue model.

In the new documentary Taken, Kim Feenstra speaks with many people involved in her search for the truth and discovers the deep-rooted issues the Dutch youth care sector faces.

The stories are downright shocking. Parents and children encounter a system dominated by money, impotence, and power.

Could this be the second big political scandal in the youth care in The Netherlands?

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