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LaneAxis Direct Freight Network Moves Loads in Record Time

LaneAxis moves load in record time

LaneAxis moves load in record time

LaneAxis Shipper Aaron Walsh "loves" LaneAxis

LaneAxis Shipper Aaron Walsh


Network Shipper “Amazed” at How Smooth and Fast the Process Works

Man, I really like LaneAxis. The functionality is good, easy to use and is excellent for today's shipping needs because it's not 1990 anymore. Easier, cheaper, more transparent - that's a win to me.”
— Aaron Walsh | LaneAxis Network Shipper

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, September 15, 2022 / -- LaneAxis, Inc., the nation’s first and only brokerless Direct Freight Network built on blockchain, is proving the true power and potential of its shipper-to-carrier direct model. This week a network shipper posted multiple loads, triggering “revenue alerts” for numerous trucking companies close to the pickup location. Within ONE hour numerous bids poured in and the shipper quickly reached agreements with multiple carriers to move those loads. Two of those loads marked the shortest duration between the time a shipper posted a load and actually tendered it to a carrier in the LaneAxis Network. Just as impressively, all of this was accomplished completely within the LaneAxis digital platform – absent any human intervention – once again proving the company’s mantra that “brokerless is better.”

“Man, it was really easy,” says shipper Aaron Walsh, who specializes in providing large scale materials and equipment for trade shows and conventions. “When I posted my first load, I got a bunch of bids maybe within 30 minutes, and I got it for less than what I was wanting. Negotiating with the carriers didn't take much time at all because it's literally just responding to a message. Once everything was locked in… the shipment went great. No issues and it was simple.”

Aaron’s fast and flawless experience with LaneAxis is in sharp contrast to his past experiences dealing with freight brokers.

“Back and forth email conversations with multiple brokers over the course of days… giving each one the same information and answering questions, then comparing rates and going back and forth. I just don’t think [brokers] are necessary anymore now that everything can be contained inside of a system. They've jacked prices up unnecessarily… and let’s just say that there's sometimes some questionable things that go on (laughter).”

LaneAxis CEO & Founder Rick Burnett says Aaron’s experience proves the potency of the LaneAxis model.

“We’ve always said our Direct Model is the absolute purest form of a transportation movement,” says Burnett. “This proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. From posting to completing the load, everything was accomplished using our patented technology with no human intervention. And it was all done at a fraction of the cost and time it would take brokers to accomplish the same thing. The future is here, and LaneAxis is permanently changing the way freight transportation is meant to operate.”

Walsh couldn’t agree more.

“Man, I really like LaneAxis,” says Walsh. “I love what's been put together. The functionality is good. It's easy to use. It serves an excellent purpose for today's shipping needs because, you know, it's not 1990 anymore. People are acclimated [to technology] and you can make it a lot easier and cheaper and more transparent… that's a win to me.”

You can view Aaron's video testimonial by clicking here.

LaneAxis is currently conducting a Reg. A+ equity crowdfund raise. The company previously oversubscribed two Reg. CF campaigns in 2020 and 2021.

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LaneAxis, Inc., is a proprietary Web3 Direct Freight Network with licensable software products serving multiple business verticals. Our fully patented, end-to-end supply chain visibility network is helping cure the critically damaged freight transportation industry. The LaneAxis Direct Network is focused on eliminating $200 billion in "managed broker fees," 29 billion empty truck miles per year, and streamlining an industry that lacks transparency, trust, and efficiency.

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A Record Fast Load Tender Proves Out LaneAxis Model