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ARES Security Corporation Releases AVERT-PS Version 8.6.4

Vienna, VA, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ARES Security Corporation (ARES) announced today that they have released version 8.6.4 of their AVERT Physical Security (AVERT-PS) software.  AVERT-PS is unique Security Risk Assessment (SRA) software used to perform Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments (VAs) of facilities along with providing the capability to visualize, quantify, assess and optimize security posture. This solution’s holistic and integrated approach, delivers accurate, measurable, and repeatable assessments of physical security design and operations.  AVERT-PS is used by 66% of the North American commercial nuclear fleet, DOD, DOE and corporate clients.

AVERT-PS version 8.6.4 is a maintenance release that builds upon AVERT-PS version 8.6 that focused on improved usability and pathing for our work with the USAF, enhancements for Mission Planning for Robotics and resolved issues from earlier versions. The following are the new features that the AVERT-PS version 8.6 provided to our clients:

  • Directional Focus-Based Detection. Detectors can now have a limited field of view.
  • Improved Flyout for Lofted Weapons. Previous versions of AVERT checked line of sight for lofted weapons by looking straight up from the shooter position and straight down to the target position.
  • Improved Modeling of Neutralizations from Blast Effects. Previous versions of AVERT performed a single random draw of a blast effect weapon used against a group of agents.
  • High-Resolution Site Maps. The Copy Site Map button is now a dropdown.
  • Improved Communications. Communication events are now displayed separately in the event list (viewable in the Metrics Report).
  • New Locations Editor. To support the Try to Interdict and Use Cover behaviors.
  • Fallback to Chase. A new Fallback to Chase checkbox has been added to the Guard Response dialog.
  • Abandon Vehicle. This new behavior causes agents to exit their vehicles when triggered by any behavior condition.
  • Continue Attack. This new behavior extends a simulation beyond its normal termination time, which occurs when all adversaries have either been neutralized or have reached their objectives.
  • Try to Interdict. This new behavior allows agents to respond to user-defined interdiction points, exit their vehicles, and use the vehicles for cover. The abandoned vehicles can block roadways.
  • Use Cover. This updated behavior introduces expedient cover.
  • Go to Objective. This updated behavior adds two new parameters: Hold Position and Break Cover Distance.
  • Optional Communication Devices. Communication devices are now optional and can be removed from configurations.
  • Shot Distance Report. This new report tabulates the minimum, maximum, and average distance of shots taken by each agent in a simulation.
  • Time on Target Report. This new report tabulates the minimum, maximum, and average time an adversary can remain at its final objective before being neutralized.

ARES is constantly addressing user’s issues and requests while keeping abreast of the latest physical security threats and technologies to provide our clients with feature rich updated versions of the AVERT-PS software.  If you would like to learn more about AVERT-PS, please reach out to us.


About ARES Security:

ARES Security Corporation is a Vienna, Virginia- based corporation founded in 2012. ARES Security developed the AVERT® physical security lifecycle solution suite of products that is DoD and DoE accredited and that is designated as a DHS SAFETY Act solution. AVERT includes software for security Design, Assessment, Tabletop, Virtual Training, Command and Control, Autonomous Robotic Operations, and real-time AI Decision Support.  To learn more about ARES Security visit our website at

Jim Raines
ARES Security Corporation