i-sopod float tanks: changing the hotel & spa experience

A profoundly relaxing, powerful experience, often described as a short cut to meditation, float tanks are in high demand in the tourism and leisure industry.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Floatation tanks, also known as sensory deprivation tanks, isolation tanks and float pods, are nothing new. Market leader i-sopod actually launched its first product back in 2008, and has seen a steady output of sales within the UK, as well as to the US, Europe and Australia, since then. But in recent months, sales have spiked, with hotels and spas wanting to offer their guests an additional wellness experience. There has also been a noted increase in the number of new floatation centres popping up, where customers can rent the use of a float pod by the hour.

The reason for the increase in demand isn’t too hard to fathom, according to i-sopod founder and CEO Tim Strudwick.

“Hotel and spa operators understand that their guests are stressed out nowadays like never before,” says Strudwick. “They want to offer people an overall relaxing experience, and what better way than putting a float tank at their disposal?”

The medical benefits of floatation therapy are well documented. With the body put into a high state of physical relaxation, blood pressure and oxygen intake are reduced, while blood flow and the distribution of red blood cells are simultaneously increased. These effects result in a myriad of health benefits, including the promotion of total relaxation, the elimination of fatigue and jet lag, improved sleep, the alleviation of stress, and an overall feeling of rejuvenation and renewed energy. Floating has also been shown to promote mental clarity and diminish depression and anxiety.

Having been in the business for over 25 years, Strudwick is well aware that not all float tanks are created equally.

“We have established ourselves as the market leader for good reason,” he says. “The i-sopod is unquestionably the most effective and reliable on the market. Customers who purchased our products fifteen years ago tell us that their pods continue to operate beautifully. And, if there are any issues, they know that they can rely on us one hundred percent to quickly resolve the problem. We offer world-class support.”

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About the Company

i-sopod CEO Tim Strudwick has been in the float tank industry since 1993 when he launched The Floatworks float centre as a joint founder. Over a decade later, in 2008, i-sopod was born. Tim and his team used his experience and set about creating a design that not only provided the best floatation experience possible, but also minimised the risk of breakdown.

As one of the few float tank manufacturers that also operate successful float tank centres, the company prides itself on its ability to offer a level of support and after-sales service that is unrivalled amongst other floatation tank suppliers.

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