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Koda Kassira Reshaping The Landscape of Australian Civil Engineering One Road at a Time

Koda Kassira is the founder and director of KK Civil Engineering based in Padstow, New South Wales. Mr. Koda is committed to improving Australian roads and streetscapes.

As one of Australia’s most experienced and qualified engineers, Koda Kassira has continuously raised the bar for quality in road construction. The company he founded and helms, KK Civil Engineering, has become known as the premier Australian civil engineering company as the result of decades of elite service, bettering Australian roads, streetscapes, landscapes, footpaths, and driveways.

Koda Kassira: Building the foundation

Kassira graduated in Civil Engineering from the esteemed University of Sydney in 1992. Immediately after graduation, he channeled his passion into polishing his skills, forging meaningful business relationships, and acquiring experience in the field. 

Nine years later, he became the director of KK Civil Engineering. Koda’s deep knowledge and passion for his craft have helped the company rise to the top in record time and continues to lead them to new victories today.

The year 2010 was particularly important for Kassira and his company, as it was during this time that KK Civil Engineering undertook several high-profile projects: the Bunnerong Road and Matraville streetscape for the Randwick City Council, as well as the Steel Park cycleway in Marrickville for the Marrickville City Council. Kassira proved that his leadership skills and technical expertise are unparalleled, and cemented the company as an industry leader.

KK Civil Engineering’s concrete contributions

Thanks to the outstanding work of Kassira and his team, KK Civil has been awarded multiple large-scale projects from official organizations. One such project is the Sydney Water Road Restoration Program, a massive undertaking that was first awarded by Sydney Water in 2015. After seven years of modernizing the streetscape of Sydney Water roads, completing a range of asphalting, concreting, and paving tasks, Kassira is finally overseeing the finishing touches of the project.

Kassira’s work is far from done, however, as his team is also wrapping up multiple minor streetscape projects in the city of Parramatta for the City Council.

Improving Australian infrastructure is Kassira’s passion; naturally, this extends beyond just roads. The gorgeous La Perouse Loop was upgraded by KK Civil in 2011, upgrading the landscape of La Perouse and building its now iconic, breathtaking coastal walkway. In 2020, Kassira’s firm completed was the magnificent Jellicoe Street Piazza, installing the Citygreen Stratavault Tree Pit System.

Through these projects, Kassira and his company both improved quality of life for locals and helped drive Australia’s tourism industry with new hotspots.

Koda Kassira is committed to continue doing what he loves most—making Australia a better place to live, one asphalt road at a time. His company will stay working meticulously on city streetscapes for years to come.

More information about Koda Kassira is available on KK Civil Engineering’s official website

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