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Fusion Arc Hosting Introduces the Powerful "Xalix Website Builder" To Build Stunning Websites

Fusion Arc, a USA based web hosting provider is famous for their fast web hosting services and powerful website builder, ‘Xalix.’ This website builder is one of the best-featured services from the Fusion Arc Company, whose functionality has designed many amazing websites. The functionality of Xalix has made many websites run securely and smoothly over the Internet with Fusion Arc's all-time support.

Introducing the Xalix Website Builder

Fusion Arc’s Xalix Website Builder is a powerful tool that comes with various features and creates a clean and stunning website for any individual or business.

With its easy customization and variety of features, people can create a beautiful website in very little time. Fusion Arc Company has loaded this website builder with many features like fast web hosting and provides an easy website building and designing experience to individuals.

A Website Builder with a Variety of Powerful Features

This website builder can do everything to create a desirable website for any individual or any business. Its features and smooth functionality provide very easy customization.

The Xalix website builder comes with features like-

Drag and Drop - Drag and drop is an amazing feature of this website builder. It lets anyone, either a novice or a professional, drag and drop any desired section to any place on the site. Moreover, the drag and drop functions allow users to comfortably customize any section in less time.

Mobile Editing Mode - Mobile editing mode is one of the best features because of its comfort. It allows people to edit their websites and update their content at any time on their mobile phones.

Huge Template Library - The Xalix website builder offers a variety of great website templates for every type of site. Fusion Arc is considered as one of the best web hosting plans providers whose top designers have designed templates and provided full customization functionality to give an attractive look.

Fast website Speed - Xalix website builder creates a site that provides the best optimization and makes the website run fast with the LiteSpeed ​​technology. Fusion Arc has provided its fast web hosting services to build a website with high uptime and fast loading speeds in the Xalix website builder.

SEO Optimized Pages - The Xalix website builder creates SEO-optimized pages and provides a complete SEO guide to help the website stay optimized and rank higher in Google. This website builder also links the website to Google Analytics to help the user understand the website's report and progress on the search engine ranking page.

Affordable Plans with the Best Experience

A pricing plan depends on the features and comfort of the services provided by web hosting providers. The popularity of this Xalix website builder is very much due to its price plan. This website builder comes in two different plans – free and unlimited. Fusion Arc Hosting has provided a reliable service in both plans so that people can benefit from the website builder. Both the plans have their own services, which can prove to be a plus point in website growth. 

Free Tier Plan - This plan has limited but sufficient services for the website to operate on the internet. The free tier plan offers 10GB of storage and 25GB of bandwidth and lets users create a website for themselves. Apart from this, the plan also provides website hosting solutions and 24/7 customer support so that the website can keep running for a maximum time without facing any issues.

Unlimited Plan - Fusion Arc Hosting charges a very affordable price for this plan and offers various amazing services. This plan lets anyone create unlimited websites with up to 85GB of massive storage and 100GB of bandwidth. This plan offers a free domain and fast web hosting service along with 24/7 customer support.

The reason behind Xalix Builder's Popularity

Along with the website hosting solutions, this website builder has many beneficial factors that make it very popular among people.

-  Easy customization on any device
-  Fewer time-consuming tasks to manage website content
-  Very cost-friendly
-  24/7 customer support from Fusion Arc Hosting.

About Fusion Arc Hosting 

Fusion Arc Hosting offers many features in the Xalix website builder to make it reliable and worth the price. The Xalix website builder and its features make it a desirable website for any individual or business. As a website builder, Xalix provides every function and ample storage to run websites on the internet with high-level security. To learn more about the plans and functionality of the Xalix website builder, visit the Fusion Arc Hosting website.

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