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Holiday Horror Has Arrived and Christmas May Never Be the Same

Max Hawthorne's holiday horror novel, "The Sleigh"

"The Sleigh" by Max Hawthorne (Far From The Tree Press, LLC)

Book of the Year winner Max Hawthorne releases “The Sleigh”, a nail-biting horror-suspense thriller that’s turning heads and pages.

. . . makes "Jack the Ripper" look like a choir boy.”
— Max Hawthorne
BUCKINGHAM, PA, US, August 29, 2022 / -- Known as the “Prince of Paleo-fiction”, hardworking novelist, screenwriter, and avocational paleontologist Max Hawthorne has made quite a name for himself. His popular “Kronos Rising” series of sci-fi thrillers have garnered both Book of the Year and People’s Choice awards, and his cryptid research book, “Monsters & Marine Mysteries” was an Amazon #1 bestseller. A diverse and multi-talented artist, Hawthorne’s charming children’s book “I Want a Tyrannosaurus for Christmas” was accompanied by his hit song, “A Tyrannosaurus for Christmas”, which peaked at #2 on the 2021 World Indie Music Charts Top 100.

With "The Sleigh" the “master of marine terror” has delved back into what jump-started his career: scaring the heck out of people. Only this time, his antagonist is not some prehistoric marine monster that eats whales, sinks ships, and could body slam a Megalodon shark. This time, the story takes place on dry land - in the heart of New York City, no less. It’s Christmas time in the Big Apple, but what’s coming home for the holidays is not what people are expecting.

On pre-sale now, “The Sleigh’s” rear cover gift-wraps the story nicely for Hawthorne’s legions of fans:

For hardened NYPD homicide detectives Ilsa Dunbar and Andy Alvilda, Christmas represents a holiday of horrors.

Every December for the past decade, a cult of serial killers the press calls the Christmas Cannibals has chewed the Big Apple to its core. Creeping in under cover of darkness, they bypass the finest security systems and slaughter entire families, leaving wreckage and half-eaten corpses in their wake.

But as Dunbar and Alvilda’s investigation leads them from one horrifying crime scene to another, they begin to realize there is something dark and deadly lurking in the shadows. It is an ancient evil whose roots are wrapped around the most iconic Christmas figure of all.

And for those who meet its fiery gaze, the legend of Santa Claus will never be the same.

When asked for additional details, including whether or not the villain in his new novel is “Krampus”, or if there is any truth to the rumors that Hollywood has expressed an interest in his story, Hawthorne was uncharacteristically cagey. “Krampus is mentioned once in passing in my book, but the story is not about him. ‘The Sleigh’ delves deeply into the true history of Santa Claus and if anything is more of a supernatural serial killer story. The antagonist is dark and deadly and makes ‘Jack the Ripper’ look like a choir boy. But beyond that, you’ll just have to wait for Halloween to find out.”

By Halloween, Hawthorne referred to the books anticipated release date of October 31st, 2022. Kindle versions of “The Sleigh” (Far From The Tree Press, LLC) are available for pre-release purchase now, with it slated to be offered in eBook, softcover, and hardcover formats.

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