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Making a sustainable P2E is possible! True City Announces Project Launch

Rafaela, Argentina, Aug. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- True City, a zombie-focused play-to-earn P2E) game, has announced its incoming rollout to take place on the end of October. Building on the established P2E model, True City is offering a dynamic economic model and real-life benefits for all its players.

Ahead of its launch, the management of True City has shed some light on how the game operates, specifically its underlying economics. Unlike a lot of P2E offerings in the market, True City is supported by real-life profit-generating companies, making sure that it does not fall apart and can continue to provide benefits to its users.

In True City's case, the companies that are developing and managing the ecosystem, La3Gaming and La3Online, are also owned by its management. Both companies specialize in video games. La3Online is creating and providing digital assets in Latin America. La3Gaming is occupied with physical accessories like headphones. Both are profitable businesses. As such, they are financing the True City game and making sure that its ecosystem stays alive and active.

So far, La3Gaming and La3Online have developed the True City game to its Alpha stage and have also deployed a marketing campaign for it at the same time. This, once again, ties into the fact that the two companies will be funding the project, meaning that profits made can be re-invested.

According to Geraldo Di Nobile, the CEO of the project, there are plans to keep it funded and running for the next decade.

"My team and I are committed to creating a sustainable game, the only way to achieve this is by creating businesses around the game, this is the new evolution of play to earn games, we believe in this, and that is why we are investing money and working with a team of high performance. When the token is released we will have the game on PC and Mobile ready to use."

But beyond the p2E potential of the game, players can plug in and enjoy a zombie horror-action experience that bridges some of the most popular tropes in media. Once the game is fully rolled out, players can navigate a zombie-ridden hellscape, going through twists and turns, all while earning tangible rewards for their efforts.

In the True City team, every member is public with his full name listed in whitepaper

About True City

True City is a zombie horror-action game developed by La 3 Gaming and La 3 Online. Due to be launched at the end of October, the game offers play-to-earn features for users and is currently in starting mode. By this time Alpha demo version for PCs has been released and users can download and play. The Mobile version of the game is under development and is expected to be released at end of October after the token launch.

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