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Rehab Near Me Speaks Out On Mental Health Treatnment via Telehealth & Inperson Treatment Centers Near You

Los Angeles, Aug. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Los Angeles, California -

It has been estimated that about one in five American adults will be experiencing some kind of mental health issue in a particular year. Fortunately, while this means almost 44 million Americans will have a mental health problem in a year, these conditions are treatable. It is just that there is a lot of misunderstanding about these conditions many people who suffer from them are often unwilling and afraid to look for proper treatment.

Rehab Near Me has added supportfor mental health to its offering for treatment centers that they work with. After seeing trends for mental health searches and increased needs for quality mental health providers, the treatment centers that work with Rehab Near Me have decided to list mental health as a focus point going forward. Many qualified centers have also offered telehealth mental health treatment since the Covid-19 pandemic which pushed so much medical treatment into internet-based treatment.

The primary focus has always been addiction treatment programs in addition to mental health treatment services, such as: dual diagnosis treatment; addiction treatment; behavioral health services; detox; residential treatment; and transitional living.

With the help of their mental health services, mental health disorders can be treated and people who have been suffering from them get the chance to live normal and healthy lives. This begins with the elimination of the stigma that comes with mental health conditions and realizing that each person requires a specific treatment. Thus, a customized treatment plan is developed for each patient that takes into account the individual’s specific symptoms, needs, and goals.

Meanwhile, as part of their addiction treatment referral programs, local treatment centers can provide the partial hospitalization program (PHP), which is the highest level of daytime outpatient treatment care that they can provide. A patient can get extensive support, clinical services, and structure, while also allowing for free time for growth and self-discovery.

Behavioral health treatment services, include: learning about strategies for change that can help the individual achieve wellness; building or acceptance, awareness, and healthy expression of emotions; actively pursuing learning and creativity throughout a person’s life; making everyday decisions that contribute the improvement of one’s overall health; building nurturing healthy, and mutually supportive relationships; living a life that complies with one’s beliefs, values, and sense of purpose; and staying on the wellness path, which means discovering happiness in one’s continuing pursuit of wellness and recovery.

Seeing the rising need for addiction treatment and mental health services, they have developed a dedicated approach to help mitigate these problems through intensive treatment.

The local treatment partners have a dedicated group of behavioral health professionals who specialize in evidence-based treatment approaches that have been proven for treating mental wellness.

This requires fully understanding the connection between the person’s addiction and mental health issues. While the individual struggling with an addiction may feel that it is impossible to quit, there are clinical services that can be provided to address their needs appropriately. Anyone seeking a treatment center near you should visit for more info.


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James Thomas

James Thomas