Releases 2022 Employers Background Screening Practices Survey Results

2022 Employers Background Screening Practices Survey cover, the leading background screening information portal, released its 2022 Employer’s Background Screening Practices survey results

ALPHARETTA, GA, USA, August 25, 2022 / --, the background screening information portal for Human Resources professionals, announced it has released the results of its’ 2022 Employer’s Background Screening Practices survey conducted at the SHRM Annual Conference in June 2022.

Survey questionnaires were administered in our exhibit booth at the conference and also thru a pre-conference mailer to conference attendees allowing them to respond to the survey online. We received a total of 143 responses.

W. Barry Nixon, co-author of Background Screening and Investigations: Managing Hiring Risk from a Human Resources and Security Perspective and COO, said, “At a time when more than 95% of employers conduct some form of background check it is important for them to have the opportunity to provide feedback regarding key background screening practices and issues.”

Nixon added, “the survey also provides very valuable information for professional background screening firms to help them understand what’s on their clients’ minds.”

To no one’s surprise ‘timeliness’ continues to be the number one item of concern to employers as they continue to race to hire good talent. Time-to-hire continues to be a top priority.

With the above thought in mind, background screening providers would be wise to continue to focus on increasing the efficiency of their processes to not slow down their client's hiring process.

Another key finding was that 55% of employers are continuing to test for marijuana usage while 13% discontinued testing and 8% are planning on discontinuing the test in the future.

The survey results also indicated that 59% of employers are either ‘extremely or very satisfied with the services they are receiving from their professional background screening provider.

You can download a copy here.

Please direct any questions about the survey to W. Barry Nixon at 1-949-922-5374 or you can email him at wbnixon(at)PreemploymentDirectory(dot)com.

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