Benny Hinn's "Miracle Service" Interrupted By Service of Court Summons

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Another, in a series of Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuits, has Benny Hinn, Don Price & dozens of their co-defendants facing, another in a series of, Judgment Days

I've been PBH's (Hinn's) CE for ~ 20 years. I have gone up against every imaginable enemy, including the Senate Finance Committee, the IRS, the FBI & 100's of disgruntled employees & family members.”
— Don Price, Hinn's "Chief Executive & Co Defendant

GRAPEVINE, TX, USA, August 18, 2022 / -- In the Superior Court of California, County of Orange, Plaintiff Dr. Norman Quintero filed suit against Defendant(s) Donald B. Price, Jr. and 1-25 others "John Does". (Electronically Filed by Superior Court of California, County of Orange, 05/05/2022 02:29:22 PM. 30-2022-01258316-CU-DF-NJC - ROA # 4 - DAVID H. YAMASAKI, Clerk of the Court By Katie Trent, Deputy Clerk)

Presiding Judge, Donald F. Gaffney issued a Summons to Appear in Cause # 30-2022-01258316-CU-DF-NJC and Plaintiff's attorneys are continuing to locate, identify, other parties for additional Service of Process. Benny Hinn recently received Service during his "Miracle Service".

For decades Benny Hinn has been known as the quintessential showman-prophet for the Holy Trinity. For decades, Don Price has been the silent spokesman & strategist behind Benny Hinn, his matrix of corporate entities and websites. Benny delivers the public performance; as Chief Executive, Don runs the show. In his own words, "I've been PBH's (Hinn's) CE for ~ 20 years. I have gone up against every imaginable enemy, including the Senate Finance Committee, the IRS, the FBI & 100's of disgruntled employees & family members."

There is no documented proof that any of Hinn’s thousands of claimed faith healing “miracles” have ever resulted in a single medical cure or that his “prosperity gospel” has ever provided a dime of ROI to any earthly bank account or any heavenly reward in the Afterlife. Rather, millions of congregants’ dollars have actually been expended, by Don Price, on legal fees in unsuccessful defenses of multiple lawsuits and numerous court-ordered final judgments … or his own filing of unsuccessful lawsuits.

Either are arguably just a cost-of-doing-business in support of churning revenues and lavish lifestyles. Most recently in the series of litigation, Don Price, with Benny’s “blessings”, is being sued for initiating an alleged campaign of libel and deception by allegedly violating not only state and federal laws, but ICANN regulations as well. According to court records, "... the conspirators have created numerous fake websites designed to mislead the faithful public and to defame a social activist, philanthropist and religious leader - Dr.Norman Quintero."

The complaint cites Don Price's numerous 'anonymously'-created websites that have integrated Dr. Q’s worldwide reputation for impacting hunger, social justice and mental health into internet addresses. The complaint contends that there has been an apparent attack on “Dr. Q’s” ministry and lifelong commitment to making the world a better place through hard work, service and faith in the name of true Christianity."

There are legitimate business, technical or legal reasons for creating and registering a website “by proxy”, i.e., the source is not readily available to the public. But for most honest purposes, a website is designed to publicize a message – whether it be a humanitarian cause, commercial enterprise or personal commitment. In turn, most websites are proud of their provenance, if they are above-board, have nothing to hide or any ulterior motives.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, 'most any high school student is sufficiently tech-savvy to pierce the façade of these websites’ true ownership. A judge and jury will eventually determine the intent of incorporating the name of Dr. Norman Quintero into websites owned and created by Don Price and Benny Hinn.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words … a video is exponentially more valuable. Plaintiff Dr. Quintero, at the insistence of his lawyers, agreed to an interview and take the opportunity to bring his, “...had-enough” blowback into the public’s and the Price-Hinn audience’s eye.

Within the very first few seconds of the video, Hinn's “Miracle Service” is briefly interrupted by the “Legal Service” of the Court-Ordered summons to Benny, whereby he and Don Price may be required to answer for any, if any, transgressions.

Immediately thereafter, body guards belatedly escort the officer of the court offstage. Benny mumbles a few unintelligible comments in possessed or foreign tongues.

From subsequent interviews, many in the audience believed that the incident was just part of the entertainment. But, for a change, the “service” was a real world experience.

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