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Dayton Mediation Center Launches Campaign to Promote the Mediation Response Unit

Call the Mediation Response Unit

Don't let the dispute get out of hand

Call the Mediation Response Unit

Promoting Peace in Our City

Campaign Aims to Increase Public Awareness and Program Use

We’re excited to raise public awareness about the MRU and continue to serve the Dayton community”
— Raven Cruz Loaiza, Mediation Response Coordinator

DAYTON, OH, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2022 / -- The Dayton Mediation Center is introducing a comprehensive media campaign to promote the recently launched Mediation Response Unit (MRU), an alternative response team designed for low-emergent, non-violent 911 and police calls involving conflict.

The overarching goal of the campaign is to raise public awareness about the MRU, increase the team’s adoption in the community and further the MRU’s mission. This includes improving community police relations, providing alternatives to police response in our community and reducing the number of low emergent 911 calls to allow officers more time to take higher emergent calls and focus on community engagement.

The MRU was designed as an alternative response to 911 calls of various situations that include but are not limited to: noise complaints, neighbor/roommate disputes, barking dogs, loitering, disorderly persons, peace officer requests and unruly juvenile complaints.

“We’ve seen the results and we know that our service is effective,” said Raven Cruz Loaiza, Mediation Response Coordinator. “We’re excited to raise public awareness about the MRU and continue to serve the Dayton community.”

The new campaign will be used in print advertising, billboards, radio spots and direct mail pieces, as well as digital media and other non-traditional print pieces. Campaign assets will be deployed throughout the city and targeted to residents.

For more information about the Mediation Response Unit, please visit

About the Mediation Response Unit

The Mediation Response Unit, implemented in 2022, is a City of Dayton program under the umbrella of the Dayton Mediation Center. The MRU is an alternative response team trained to answer low emergent 911 calls within the City of Dayton. The team consists of trained responders with a wealth of experience and certification in areas such as crisis response, de-escalation, conflict management, community development and relationship building. The program was formulated after police reform talks began in 2020 and the working groups identified recommendations for the community of Dayton.

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