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Darren Ewert of Darren and Mike Featured on Idea Mensch

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Darren Ewert, one-half of the marketing Darren and Mike Dream Team, recently sat down for an interview with Idea Mensch.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, August 16, 2022 / -- Darren Ewert, one-half of the marketing Darren and Mike Dream Team, recently sat down for an interview with Idea Mensch. The interview touches on most of his career that led to his current position running his own business.

Idea Mensch asked Darren Ewert a total of 15 questions in the interview. As Mike and Darren continue to grow, the interview provides some never-before-revealed insights on how the duo reached this point.

A highlight of the interview includes the overall origin story of Darren and Mike. Darren already had a background in online marketing, while Mike served as a business coach in the past. Forming a team allowed them to grow at a much faster rate.

Also included in the interview is a closer look at Darren’s life on a day-to-day basis. A motivating factor as to why the two teamed up came down to wanting to work for themselves instead of a large corporation. They felt they could reduce their daily workload while making more money with their business.

The interview provides insight into how Mike and Darren remain motivated and strive for new goals. After finding considerable success, some business owners fall into the complacency trap. Darren and Mike never wanted that to be the case, which is why consistency is essential to them.

Thanks to the array of questions, Darren opened up more than usual in the interview. Idea Mensch always attempts to do what they can to get thorough, in-depth answers from the people they interview. It allows people to learn more about the subject, and there’s a chance to control the narrative more than usual for those interviewed.

Not much was discussed about the Darren and Mike Dream Team plans, but they hope to continue building their business while exploring other side projects. In the interview, Darren believes more people can enjoy similar freedoms for the first time in their lives by working with a team. Opportunities exist for those willing to listen to suggestions, work hard, and have a similar mindset to Mike and Darren when they first started.

Darren and Mike admit they both received ideas and motivation from reading interviews with successful people in the past. Darren hopes this interview can provide the inspiration some people need to chase what they’ve wanted for so long finally.

About Darren and Mike

Darren Ewert and Mike Dreher are the two men behind the Mike and Darren Dream Team. The online marketing mentors aim to help new people achieve freedom by starting their businesses and learning how to scale a company correctly. The duo has years of experience working in online marketing, and now they share insights with those willing to put in the time and effort.

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