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Repower Orange County Educates Residents About Level 1 EV Chargers

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REPOWER OC aims to help Orange County businesses go green and save money

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EV chargers allow electric vehicle owners to save on gas

Repower OC, a noted solar power installer in Orange County, is divulging information about the many benefits of electric vehicles and level 1 EV chargers

Businesses on every corner could help customers and clientele gain a charge from a more significant level EV charger. At the end of the day, everyone benefits”
— Eddie McLaughlin
ORANGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2022 / -- The Different Levels Of EV Chargers

While no stranger to all three types of EV chargers, REPOWER made a concerted effort to lean into the importance of level 1 EV chargers in a home or business.

There are three different levels of electric vehicle charging stations in Orange County: level 1 chargers, which anyone can plug into an outlet in a garage. Level 2 chargers, perfect for commercial businesses like car dealerships, provide a much more significant, long-lasting charge.

And finally, level 3 EV chargers in Orange County, known as superchargers, give the most significant boost to EV vehicles. The solar power experts at REPOWER OC hope to see combinations of all of the above dotting businesses all over Orange County and beyond.

With level 1 EV chargers, homeowners and business owners alike can benefit from a simple, easy, and cost-efficient way of jumpstarting the EV revolution.

Level 1 EV Chargers

Although quick to point out that level 1 EV chargers don’t technically charge a car; they store DC current in its battery, REPOWER OC simplifies things for those unfamiliar with the concept. After all, the solar power installer in Orange County wants to bring every homeowner and commercial business owner into the fold.

Level 1 EV chargers

“A level 1 EV charger is the most basic form of electric vehicle charger on the market. Homeowners can take advantage of these charging stations and set them up in their garages or on their property.”

And indeed, being able to hook into a garage, let an electric vehicle charge overnight, and wake up with an adequate charge is a massive boon to drivers and the environment in general. Their simplicity makes level 1 EV chargers so appealing to EV owners. Instead of paying an arm and a leg at the gas pumps, an EV owner in Orange County can relax and save money.

“Able to hook into a wall outlet, level 1 chargers are the most versatile option for electric vehicle owners. A portable level 1 charger offers 120 volts.”
This voltage, although the smallest level of output out of the three chargers, makes a difference. For many electric vehicle owners, this ease of access makes a world of difference. Above all, the versatility of a basic EV charger is something that can’t be ignored.

“Again, level 1 chargers are incredibly versatile. That versatility allows home and business owners to install an EV charger nearly anywhere on their properties. One can plug them into an outlet in a garage or set them up outside.”

Eliminating Range Anxiety With Electric Vehicle Chargers In Orange County

A quality EV charger in Orange County will effectively eliminate ‘range anxiety,’ in which drivers need not worry if they have enough charge to make it to their destination. With California's adopted legislation phasing out gas-powered vehicles in several years, that range anxiety will dissipate. Especially with the help of REPOWER OC installing all levels of EV chargers.

“Businesses on every corner could help customers and clientele gain a charge from a more significant level EV charger. EV drivers need not worry about being stranded roadside, as a local business nearby may have a quality charger.”

But how much does install an EV charger in Orange County cost? For businesses, money is no object. That’s because Southern California Edison ensures that the entire process is bought and paid for.

Installing EV Chargers In Orange County For Free

Commercial businesses like car dealerships, hotels, and car washes are primed and ready to benefit from free EV chargers, thanks to an incentive from Southern California Edison.

“We want business owners in Orange County to benefit from this initiative,” says REPOWER OC founder Eddie McLaughlin. “EV chargers, regardless of level, can provide eco-friendly opportunities for everyone, regardless of home or business size.”

Not only do EV chargers cut more emissions, but they’re an excellent business opportunity, often giving business owners an ROI within a few years.

With an SCE account, commercial business owners now have the golden opportunity to install free EV chargers. It doesn’t matter the cost of uprooting areas of the property, fixing infrastructure, or anything else. SCE pays REPOWER OC to do all the heavy lifting. Also, REPOWER OC dots their i’s and crosses their t’s.

And with REPOWER OC, commercial business owners can essentially ‘set and forget,’ as REPOWER OC takes care of all the necessary paperwork, permits, and administrative hurdles that may dissuade businesses from typically investing in EV chargers.

“Although free EV chargers for businesses are a golden opportunity, it still can take some time for all that paperwork to be processed. So patience is key. But it’s well worth the wait.”

In short, jumping on the opportunity to cut emissions, have a free EV charging station installed on a property, and even generate its own power, gaining credit with SCE, is a fantastic win. Not only that but solar power and EV chargers are shown to increase property value. Curb appeal is a powerful thing.

And the solar power installers in Orange County, REPOWER OC, aim to bring commercial business owners on board. The environment, and their checkbooks, will be in a better place when they do.


REPOWER OC is a team of Orange County solar professionals.

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