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Azzawi Zahnaesthetik is a Vienna-based dental clinic that offers dental implants, aesthetic veneers, and effective treatment for dental problems.

We are always referring our patients to Dr. Azzawi to put his magic touch by making the teeth much more attractive, after being straightened after our orthodontic treatment. He is a dentist to trust”
— Zahnspange Home
VIENNA, AUSTRIA, August 12, 2022 / -- The oral condition is a significant indicator of physical health and overall wellbeing. Many research indicates that prolonged dental issues might affect the body. There are several reasons behind this correlation. For example, the mouth consists of usually harmless bacteria to process the food. However, as it is the entry point for the digestive and respiratory tracts, some bacteria can lead to illnesses. The body's immunity system and oral care through daily brushing and flushing effectively control harmful bacteria.

In contrast, without regular dental care, germs in the mouth can grow to dangerous levels, increasing the likelihood of cavities and gum disease. Seeking help from professional practitioners when these dental issues arise is perhaps the best way to avoid severe oral problems or health. That's why the dentist in Vienna recommends regular oral checkups and good oral hygiene practices for teeth health and wellbeing. For example, the founder of Azzawi Zahnästhetik, Dr. Omar Azzawi, provides its clients with various options, from aesthetics dental implants and invisible braces to preventive care.

With the advancement of dental medicine, people today have several options to receive dental treatment not just for periodontal (gum) disease, toothache, and other problems but also for veneer teeth in Vienna for broken or missing teeth. Veneers are a great alternative to whitening teeth for people having significant staining from things like coffee, tobacco, or wine. They may also cover chips and gaps in the teeth. However, when choosing nearby dentistry in Vienna, one should ensure the dentists are experienced and knowledgeable in dental veneers because it involves a specialized process to fit Porcelain laminate and ceramic shells (ceramic veneers).

Many people in Vienna have benefitted from Azzawi Zahnästhetik's veneer insertion and other dental services. Because porcelain ceramic bowls are more discreet than crowns, they are more popular. It also works well for repairing minor imperfections like gaps and misalignments. Veneers are a popular cosmetic dental treatment because they may conceal flaws like discoloration, chipping, and gaps in a patient's smile while simultaneously enhancing the tooth's appearance and the patient's smile's aesthetic appeal. Even orthodontic treatment practitioners usually recommend Dr. Omar Azzawi for several oral and dental care needs.

"We, as specialists with braces and orthodontic treatments, are always referring our patients to Dr. Azzawi to put his magic touch by making the teeth much more attractive, after being straightened after our orthodontic treatment. He is definitely the dentist to trust!" - Zahnspange Home

Dental implants and bridges remain viable choices for filling up gaps caused by lost teeth. Similarly, people having caries, tooth decay, gum inflammation, and dental fractures can benefit from aesthetic filling. Most reputable dental clinics like Azzawi Zahnästhetik choose high-quality materials for these problems. For example, they use a Nanohybrid composite material that provides patients with a durable and quality aesthetic improvement.

One of the most frequent dental issues is gum recession or receding gums. Gum recession is so subtle that most individuals don't even notice they have it when it first begins. However, teeth discomfort or the appearance of a longer than average tooth may be the first clue of receding gum. Factors contributing to gum recession include periodontal disease, hereditary predisposition, poor oral hygiene practices, hormone fluctuations, and the repetitive clenching and grinding of teeth. A dentist may recommend a thorough cleaning of the afflicted region for mild cases of receding gums or gum recession. Deep cleaning, also known as scale and root planing, is a procedure in which plaque and tartar accrued below the gum line are meticulously scraped off the teeth and roots to exterminate bacterial growth. In addition, practitioners can use antibiotics to eliminate any lingering germs that can cause damage. If these procedures don't work, a dentist can recommend gum surgery, involving techniques such as open flap scaling and planning the roots or soft tissue transplant.

Besides these dental treatments, many people today choose aesthetic dental implants, crowns, bridges, and smile line treatment. However, irrespective of dental treatment choices, one should ensure the selected practitioner knows the appropriate materials and procedures for effective oral care and cosmetic improvements. One excellent option for Vienna residents is Azzawi Zahnästhetik. Patients trust Azzawi Zahnästhetik's expertise in dental aesthetics, followed by the provider's commitment to sustainability and its emphasis on individualized care throughout each patient's treatment.

About Azzawi Zahnästhetik

Azzawi Zahnästhetik specializes in both functional and cosmetic dentistry. After a thorough clinical examination and reviewing all relevant diagnostic records, a comprehensive treatment plan is developed and described to the patient. As the founder of Azzawi Zahnästhetik, Dr. Omar Azzawi is committed to providing his patients with the highest standard of dental care in Vienna.

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