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Instead of relying on hazardous, synthetic pesticides, GreenBug delivers eco-friendly solutions, offering an effective barrier against mosquitoes and pests.

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2022 / -- Those residing in humid subtropical climates like South Carolina can face challenges controlling mosquitos and other pests. Unfortunately, this climatic condition creates an ideal environment for pests' growth, requiring effective systems to ensure safe and effective mosquito control systems on their properties. While mosquitoes are widespread, flying insects that inhabit much of the planet can also transmit pathogens to humans and animals. The most frequent reactions to a mosquito bite are irritation and inflammation, but mosquitoes that transmit viruses and infections can cause serious illness.

Therefore, it becomes essential for residential properties in SC counties such as Ridgeland, Walterboro, and Hilton Head to have an efficient and safe mosquito control system. In addition, some reputable pest control companies, such as GreenBug, offer patented irrigation-based systems that use natural cedar oil to deter pests and protect beneficial insects.

Although there are several options for installing Mosquito Control Systems On Hilton Head residential properties, many available products are filled with hazardous and synthetic pesticides that can harm humans. For example, the most commonly used products such as DEET, specific pyrethroids, can be toxic to many insects besides mosquitos. In addition, many mosquito sprays often used in residential areas can harm natural pollinators (bees and butterflies), fish, and other aquatic species and pose a health risk to pets and humans.

Even trace amounts of leftover mosquito spray components might disorient honey bees and prevent them from returning to the hive. For example, researchers determined that bees could not return to the pack the next day due to the disorientation induced by 0.009 micrograms per bee treatment in a study published in Environmental Entomology.

This awareness about the harmful effects of mosquito control products has led many people to choose eco-friendly solutions that contain only natural ingredients. GreenBug, for example, a significant supplier of mosquito control in Bluffton, SC, employs natural cedar oil as a safe and efficient solution to mosquito-proof the lawn without the application of dangerous chemicals. In addition, there are no known side effects to humans, animals, or the environment from using cedar oil as a mosquito repellent.

The hot and humid weather in South Carolina creates a suitable environment for mosquitoes, making it challenging to maintain a safe and healthy living for homeowners. The GreenBug mosquito control system is a safe, green way to protect people and the landscape from mosquitos. Its main ingredient, natural cedar oil, is a safe and effective way to mosquito-proof the lawn, backyards, and other external spaces of a residential property. It's easy to install and requires no chemicals or harmful pesticides.

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GreenBug offers natural ingredients and effective mosquito control systems for residential and commercial properties in South Carolina. The GreenBug System provides complete protection from harmful pests and mosquitos and uses non-toxic, DEET-free ingredients that are safe for humans and pets.

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