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Rover is a pick-up truck travel companion

Rover is an IdeaPros Certified Partner

Rover is ideal for grocery shopping and safely securing your sporting equipment and tools, and more.

The potential market for Rover is enormous.”
— Robert Garcia, Rover
NEW YORK , NY, USA , August 9, 2022 / -- Everyone has loaded up a pick-up truck at the supermarket only to find the contents of the grocery bags dumped and splayed in the cargo bed when they get home.

After a time-consuming trip to the grocery store fighting over parking spots and getting cut off in line, the last thing you want to do is dig around the back of your pick-up truck for cracked eggs, crushed bread, and spilled milk.

However, Rover co-creator, Robert Garcia, has the solution.

“I have always owned a pick-up truck and every time I went grocery shopping, my fiancé and I would put groceries in the back of the bed. But by the time we got home, it was all over the place. We became frustrated with the mess and said, ‘There has got to be a way we can put a box behind the cab, like a toolbox.’ But we definitely wanted to keep room in the bed of the truck so when we are not using it, we can simply collapse it,” said Garcia.

Rover can open up 18 inches deep when in use and when retracted it occupies about 3 inches of space, meaning it can remain stored in an unobtrusive way in your truck when you’re doing jobs or running different errands.

Rover is still always there when needed and doesn’t infringe on other functions, co-creator Christine Layton explained.

“It's designed to be adjustable in height. So, you can make it low enough that the brackets can still go over the bed of the truck,” said Layton.

Rover also saves families time unloading the groceries with a detachable bag for an all-in-one trip into the house. Rover is a time-saving convenience for busy families who want to cut some time off their grocery trip.

“Rover also ensures a safe trip for the drivers, passengers, and the carton of eggs. The last thing a driver wants is inexplicable crashing sounds in the cargo bed of the pick-up truck, distracting them from the road with anxieties about loose groceries,” said Garcia.

The good news is that Rover is not just for groceries. That was what spurred the concept for the invention in the first place. It also boasts versatile applications for sporting equipment or tools, to name just a couple of examples.

One of the other features of Rover is the ability to lock up your items while making another stop.

Rover is also a patent-pending invention available for sale.

“The potential market for Rover is enormous. Every pick-up truck owner would be well-served to have this shopping companion in the cargo bed of their truck due to its convenience and versatility. It is particularly in-demand for the American family and whoever buys our innovation will most definitely see a quick and prosperous return on their investment,” added Garcia.

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Rover is an IdeaPros Certified Partner. Using an exhaustive screening process, IdeaPros handpicks less than 2% of the ideas presented to it by brilliant entrepreneurs. If chosen, an entrepreneur can rely on IdeaPros managing every step of the creative evolution, cultivating and nurturing great ideas through its unique, agile product development process, using real-world target customer feedback to create compelling products that people will buy on a large-scale basis. IdeaPros has partnered with scores of entrepreneurs in the U.S., Canada, and around the world. Its development strategy, managed by Frederick Cary, a world-renown executive, enables entrepreneurs to maximize their probability of success by using a proven set of processes developed over decades of company building. Visit IdeaPros and discover how they are changing the world, one product at a time:

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