Cyber Security Concerns Addressed with Tenantless Monitoring for Microsoft Teams by VisibilityOne

Now with Secure Tenantless Monitoring for Microsoft Teams

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VisibilityOne addresses corporate IT's concerns over security with a Microsoft Teams monitoring solution that operates without the Microsoft tenant ID,

Amazingly, VisibilityOne delivers a single view of multiple hardware vendors and cloud services. Not toggling between multiple dashboards and complex tools is truly a game-changer.”
— Dave Van Kanegan, executive IT leader and strategist at US Foods
LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2022 / -- VisibilityOne announced today that its Microsoft Teams diagnostic and monitoring solution now includes the option to operate Tenantless. Tenantless yet feature-rich, the MTR (Microsoft Team Room/User) diagnostics and monitoring service is for enterprises that are concerned with privacy, security, or operate a trustless framework.

While other monitoring solutions require administrative access to a client’s Microsoft Tenant ID to pull all its users and rooms, the VisibilityOne Tenantless option removes that need; allowing for MSPs and enterprises to add only the rooms they wish to monitor and deliver high availability features to reduce downtime, increase SLA’s, and self-heal common issues. A simple installation of the VisibilityOne Microsoft Room Plugin will expand IT's capabilities to proactively action events, live.

VisibilityOne MTR Room Plugin for PC was introduced in 2021 to deliver diagnostics, self-healing features, and now with the introduction of Tenantless support, VisibilityOne combines diagnostics and monitoring of platform devices, connected devices, services, and MTR, all in real-time across disparate hardware componentry — delivering more value in mixed collaboration environments.

With the added support for Tenantless monitoring, MSPs and enterprises can efficiently manage Microsoft Teams rooms across multiple sites. VisibilityOne's seamless monitoring setup of MTR delivers details of the room, including PC health performance.
VisibilityOne is the only App that IT professionals trust to monitor their UC & Video Conferencing platforms to deliver advanced actionable insights such as:

Network Path Detection
Self-healing (connected devices)
Self-healing (auto recover MTR app)
PC remote reboot
MTR remote relaunch
PC details
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About VisibilityOne:

Today, the VisibilityOne platform supports a wide range of top monitoring capabilities and diagnostics for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Poly, Cisco, IoT, USB, Bluetooth, and others, including, of course, hybrid worker PC environments.
VisibilityOne is a patented video conferencing diagnostics and monitoring solution that provides secure real-time performance, self-healing, and health data across multiple vendors and cloud services so that IT teams can see actionable insights into devices, applications, and operating environments. VisibilityOne is the only monitoring application to provide these same insights securely to remote users of Zoom and Teams. IT teams now have the support they need to proactively monitor their video meeting solutions, gain critical insights into their UCC, pinpoint issues, and make decisions quickly all in a single, data-rich view.

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