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Southern California Digital Marketing Agency Goes All-In With Social Media

Image of Sprinkles Media founder Jess Park with pink hair and Tyler Eisenhart smiling

Sprinkles founders Jess Park and Tyler Eisenhart

Sprinkles Media Founders

Eisenhart and Park run a small, dedicated team

Orange County digital media agency Sprinkles Media is going ‘all-in’ with its new emphasis on social media management.

Good-looking pictures help boost online presence. But having the best hashtags, personality, and caption can take a good post and make it a great post”
— Tiffany Supriyadi
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2022 / -- Experts in all social media platforms, Sprinkles Media, offers its mainly small business clients an opportunity to boost social media outreach. Sprinkles Media’s social media management services make the most out of some of the most profitable and engaging social media spaces.

“Not paying attention to a business’s social media channels in this day and age is a major misstep,” states Sprinkles Media CEO Jess Park. “Crafting a detailed strategy for social media can help businesses with their bottom line, rather than just wasting time.”

Sprinkles Media: Social Media Management Experts

The small but experienced Sprinkles team offers quality and organized strategies to engage audiences in its social media management plan. Regardless of the industry, the digital marketing team puts a company’s best foot forward, showing that they’re more than capable of easily reaching its audience.

In nearly every social media channel worth monitoring, Sprinkles Media provides quality photos and informative, engaging video content. It’s tailor-made for each business. As Sprinkles Media is wont to say, there’s no one size fits all approach to digital marketing. As such, each small business needs a specific, careful touch.

Sprinkles Media monitors trends, helping stay relevant and on topic. That, and adding specialized hashtags for more outreach, relevant captions, and solid posting schedules.

“Brand voice and tone are crucial to great social media posts,” states social media assistant Tiffany Supriyadi. “A good photo goes a long way, sure, but having relevant hashtags, captions, and a personality can make a post take off.”

Supriyadi, the resident photographer, has an expert’s touch when finding what works for a particular business. For one of its clients, The Evans Group, a stylish and elegant style is in play. For others, like medical services, photos have echoes of professionalism while still being relatable.

Perhaps more importantly, Sprinkles Media offers the entire social media experience in its digital marketing package. This package includes detailed analyses of audience engagement, audience reach, and more data lurking beneath the surface.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” says co-founder Tyler Eisenhart in a sentiment that, for the digital media agency, would prove to be a motto to stand by.

And this more recent emphasis on dominating social media channels for clients makes up a small part of the bigger picture for this California digital marketing business.

Sprinkles Media: Making A Difference

It’s a more recent approach for Sprinkles Media, but this digital media agency offers quality digital marketing services and has been consistent since its founding in 2020.

With comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO), branding, beautiful website building, design, and paid advertising, Jess Park and Tyler Eisenhart have helped companies like New Jersey’s famous multispecialty medical practice, Summit Health, with SEO and more.

“Working with the entire Sprinkles Media team has been downright stunning for the success and outreach for Summit Health," says Andy Chang, Summit Health’s marketing VP. “We’ve seen a 152% increase in SEO after only a few months of our work with them.”

Sprinkles Media focuses on businesses nearby, too. Noted Los Angeles fashion production house, The Evans Group (TEG) has never seen a more massive increase in online traffic.

After working with TEG for a year and writing quite a few fashion-related articles for Jennifer Evans, the results are in. Good SEO research and keyword strategies gave the Los Angeles clothing manufacturer some of the most extensive returns in its history, dating back to its founding in 2005 in Laguna Beach.

The business started ranking for some of the most searched-for terms in its industry, making its work widespread knowledge in Los Angeles and beyond. Sprinkles Media also maintains a solid social media strategy for The Evans Group, regularly posting photos, captions, and the best hashtags for the industry.

The Confectionary: Dispensing Digital Marketing Tips

A helpful facet of the company, its blog, playfully titled ‘the confectionary,’ offers info about social media, SEO, and more.

In its most recent article on the active blog, ‘Do Hashtags Still Work in 2022?’

“Hashtags help build brand engagement and help advertising services. Hashtags also bring attention to a topic, product, or content. Pair that with a strong relationship with a social media influencer, and [businesses] have an excellent formula for easy clicks.”

Using first-hand knowledge of hashtags and other aspects of social media that make a business stand out, the company’s blog is a wealth of information. Written in a friendly voice, even the most complicated marketing terms become easier to understand.

“Think of January as a clean slate,” the company stated early in 2022. Offering encouraging words for small businesses days after the new year, Sprinkles Media explains that simply tweaking an approach can make a difference.

“Take stock of some marketing strategies, if they're working, and if they can improve upon something. Chances are, there needs a little marketing tweaking. But that's okay! That's what turning over a new marketing leaf is all about.”

Whether it’s Sprinkles Media’s SEO services or its social media pushes, focusing on the customer is the paramount concern.

“If one leans into SEO efforts, video advertising, writing good copy, and focusing on the customer and their needs, they're putting a company in a fantastic spot [for the rest of the year].

Sprinkles Media is helping businesses lean into connecting customers with industry experts all year round.

What Works? Finding Out With Sprinkles Media

Businesses don’t need to struggle. The team of digital marketing professionals is showing small businesses the critical ways in which they can improve their audience engagement.

Social media management has become a flagship service that always seems to pay off.

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