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This is especially true for show horses, some of the largest domestic animals Americans own, and show horse owners bring unique marketing opportunities.

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The Story Of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing

A disabled veteran conceived Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. After years of military service, it was decided upon the completion of duties to try a different direction, moving away from defense to economic growth. That growth would come in the form of helping the many American businesses to acquire the one resource so essential to healthy development, more clients or customers. A humble start-up was formed aimed toward this ambition, and as the years passed, it grew to the stage where that business now proudly boasts staff with over 50 years of combined industry experience in the marketing sector.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing began operations in the marketing industry on the eve of a major shift in marketing paradigms. The older, established platforms, like television and radio advertising, still dominated most planning. But, as with other industries such as music, digital was already making inroads that were getting traction, and some were expecting a similar disruption to the status quo. The company’s initial focus was in the area of direct mail, a specialization that had the unintended consequence of imparting data-oriented skillsets like data acquisition, management, and analytics.

Digital marketing, as many industry experts speculated, quickly rose to prominence as an important marketing channel, and many businesses wanted to exploit this. The company’s fortuitous data-centric focus put it in a position to quickly pivot and integrate digital marketing into its range of services. It offered this new service, enjoying a significant early mover advantage that yielded quick, significant gains for Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing and the clients it served.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing’s initial operating range was a limited one, serving only the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently, however, that range has not greatly expanded and covers the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. The coverage is even continental, providing access to the markets in Canada and Mexico. And for organizations ready to go international, it’s possible to cross the Atlantic and approach markets in the European Union with databases for countries such as France.

Horses Are Less Ubiquitous But Not Forgotten

Today, horses don’t occupy the same everyday necessity in modern American life, but the United States has never forgotten the place horses have in its history. Horses are still found working in varied positions such as with police forces, and of course, on the national and international horse racing circuit, which is vibrant and profitable the world over, not just in the USA. And there are still ranches even in the western United States where horses retain their traditional role of helping ranchers to manage herds of livestock as they move from one site to another for seasonal requirements.

But one unique result of this deemphasis on horses purely as labor animals has been a renewed interest in seeing horses, their riders, and their trainers at their absolute best. This has resulted in horse shows, which are extremely popular in the United States and, of course, the United Kingdom, which has centuries of horse use in its history books and in other parts of the world. This has created an extremely lucrative and demanding niche that brings in horse lovers from all over the world to appreciate the different aspects of horses and creates many unique sales opportunities.

Of the ten largest and most popular horse shows in the world, three are held in the United States alone, with the biggest being American; the Land Rover Kentucky 3-Day Event. Horses have been an integral part of human society for centuries, and before the advent of combustion engines and motorized vehicles, they were our primary source of labor and transportation.

The Show Horse Arena Is A World Unto Itself

Horse shows are a conglomeration of many events and activities focusing on different aspects of horses. While the United Kingdom has a legacy regarding horse shows, the United States has also developed its own specific events that reflect the culture and history here. However, there is a lot of overlap between the two shows. For some, horse shows are international events where people can enter and compete in specific events, regardless of which country they come from, as long as they qualify for entry and can pay the not insubstantial entry fees.

Because it has an older history, the United Kingdom has events that reflect that more traditional, medieval legacy in horse usage, including:

Dressage Shows

This event is a show of both training and coordination. Dressage refers to a more ceremonial, even ballet-like form of riding, where horses are taught intricate steps and movements fit more for display than actual utility in work or battle. These prancing, almost dance-like steps indicate just how well the horse is trained and, perhaps more importantly, how coordinated and ‘in sync” the horse and rider are when it comes to issuing commands and having those commands obeyed.

Precision and coordination are the most important qualities on display here, not speed or power, which are most traditionally associated with horses. This is why the rider, trainer, and horse play equally important roles in determining the winner at dressage events.


In some sense, Eventing competitions are more “pragmatic” because these contests more closely evaluate a horse’s utility. Eventing is a triathlon-style competition in which a horse and rider are evaluated under key events for speed, cross country jumping, and endurance. All of these qualities determine the overall worth of a hose, a work animal, especially for activities such as hunting that might require pursuit across landscapes or even combat; in the days when cavalry forces like knights on horseback had an advantage on the battlefield if they were proficient riders.

Western Shows

By the time the United States was formed as a country, the arrival of firearms had already dramatically changed how warfare was conducted, so horses were much more “beasts of burden” rather than used in combat. However, cavalry forces in the United States military did persist for several more decades, only formally abandoning horse use in military operations in 1939, just before World War II.

Of course, in America, the horse is associated most not with chivalrous knights but with cowboys and the old wet, and the nature of Western Shows in the United States reflects that focus. The events here differ, although the competitive aspect remains the same.

Western Pleasure

In this event, horses are evaluated on their gait while loping, usually in a group with other horses doing the same thing. The judging metrics are a combination of response to a rider’s commands and just how “healthy” or “lively” the horse appears while performing. A horse that obeys commands precisely but lifelessly will lose to a horse with the same precision but seems to be enjoying itself.

Roping Shows

As expected from Western horse events, one competition hearkens back to when cattle herding was a major component of the American economy and horses and riders had to show great synchronicity and skill when it came to catching up to and roping strays from a herd.

As to be imagined from the name, roping shows are about riders catching a runaway calf, roping it, and then successfully tying it down in the quickest amount of time. There is no strict judging of technique here since any technique that reduces time clearly displays horse, rider, and roping skills.

Barrel Racing Shows

Similar to Eventing in the United Kingdom, which can involve obstacles and agility, barrel racing is about precision, control, speed, and flying lead changes. Barrels are the primary obstacle on the course, requiring horses to race around them without making contact and knocking them over. This is a true test of speed, control, and precision and how they must all be at the highest caliber for the best results.

A Unique Market

While still considered domestic “beasts of burden,” horses themselves are far from cheap or easy to maintain. A significant financial investment is involved, as well as time and effort to rear a competitive horse at the show level, which can take on many different aspects. Some horses are entered in “best of breed” competitions, similar to dogs or cats, which makes appearance and grooming a critical part of their regimen.

Enthusiasts that commit to rearing horses for competition are receptive to marketing and promotion in a variety of areas, including:


Various financial products and services are of interest to those competing in horse shows as they have the affluence and financial resources to want to maximize their gains and assets. Anyone that is regularly entering horse shows is a cut above most financially.


Horse shows happen all over the world, with various events in the United States, the United Kingdom, and countries in Europe like France and Germany. People who attend these shows are focused on the usual travel concerns such as food and accommodation. However, logistical concerns like the safe transport of horses in comfort are also a focus.


Keeping a horse in a competitive state requires proper facilities that must be carefully maintained. Food, cleaning, and other factors are all a part of this. Basics like janitorial cleaning considerations and the tools and accessories required for this are regular purchases over the lifetime of a competition horse.

Show Horse Owners Have A Wide Demographic Range

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has databases for show horse owners and trainers throughout the United States. These databases are regularly maintained, updated, and verified to ensure currency and provide clients with “live” lists free from wasteful data points like deceased or no longer active owners.

The database for show horse owners and trainers around the United States is complete for national marketing strategies but can also be narrowed to focus on a specific region of the country, such as only the New England states. It’s also possible to focus on a single state, such as Massachusetts, or even a specific neighborhood in a town or city, like only horse show owners in Beacon Hill, Boston. Demographic breakdowns can also be requested, focusing on metrics like ethnicity, religious affiliation, and financial ranking.

Contact details can be requested in multiple formats. Direct mail campaigns get physical mailing addresses, and digital marketing plans receive email addresses. Telemarketing gets home or business phone numbers as needed, and cell phone numbers are available for SMS/text-based marketing.

For businesses interested in managing a direct mail campaign but lacking experience, turnkey direct mail solutions are available. This service guides clients through every stage of the campaign from concept, printing and manufacturing, and distribution, all under one roof. This eliminates the normal requirement to source and vets different vendors for the different stages.

If you’re interested in databases for show horse owners and trainers around the United States, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. When you work with us, you support an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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