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Ethiopian News Outlet Calls Morocco 'African Reference', Contributor to Continent's Food Security

Ethiopian News Outlet Calls Morocco 'African Reference', Contributor to Continent's Food Security

MOROCCO, August 4 - Morocco is "an African reference" in the agricultural sector as it contributes to the achievement of food security in Africa, says Ethiopian news portal Africa News Channel (ANC).

In an article published on the occasion of the celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the Throne Day, the Ethiopian media notes that the Kingdom, under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, contributes more to the achievement of food security in Africa through the sharing of knowledge, know-how and experiences with many African countries, as well as by supporting sustainable agricultural production for the benefit of local farmers.

As an emerging African power, Morocco has paid more attention to its partnership with Africa, mainly through South-South cooperation initiatives, notes the author of the article, noting that the Kingdom has adopted a new and pragmatic approach in its partnership with African countries.

This new approach carries strong meanings and reflects the strong attachment of the Kingdom to its home continent, Africa, as well as its concern to accompany the stability and economic and sustainable development of the Continent, continues ANC, affirming, in this regard, that Morocco has made South-South cooperation a priority of its foreign policy.

In this sense, the author cites the many visits made by HM the King in several African countries since His accession to the throne of His glorious ancestors, explaining that this spirit of South-South cooperation has contributed to the establishment of peace, security and stability in Africa.

In addition to the African continent, Moroccan diplomacy is making enormous efforts to achieve peace in different regions of the globe, especially in the Middle East, thanks to the wise policy of the Sovereign, the publication noted, noting that the tripartite Morocco-US-Israel agreement is an excellent illustration of Morocco's willingness to play an important role in the peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in accordance with the two-state solution.

Regarding the Libyan issue, the author of the article underlines the efforts made by Moroccan diplomacy in the framework of the Skhirat round tables, in order to accompany the various stakeholders towards a negotiated political solution.

Regarding the national cause, the publication writes that significant progress on the issue of territorial integrity has been made since the announcement in 2007 of the Autonomy Plan presented by Morocco, judging the Moroccan approach based on national consensus and the effective involvement of local actors to be innovative.

More than twenty countries in the world have opened their diplomatic representations in this region of Morocco, in Laayoune and Dakhla, recalls the media.

The Feast of the Throne is an annual opportunity to enumerate the achievements made in recent years, with consistency, relevance and unwavering commitment, under the leadership of HM the King, notes the newspaper, citing in particular the distinguished management by the Kingdom of the health crisis of Covid-19 and its effects.

"Morocco has adopted a proactive approach to fight against the spread of the virus and cope with the health, social and economic impact of the pandemic," the media notes.

As part of the implementation of the Royal High Directions, Morocco has committed to generalize social protection for the benefit of all Moroccans, ANC said, considering that this project of society represents a real social revolution, given its direct and concrete impact on improving the living conditions of citizens, preserving their dignity and protecting vulnerable categories.

On the other hand, the author writes that the New Development Model constitutes a new step in the consolidation of the society project carried by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, recalling that this project aims in particular to strengthen the attachment to the values of positive and active citizenship, as well as the feeling of belonging to a nation.

The author, who welcomes the participatory approach adopted in the elaboration of this New Development Model, specifies that all political parties, economic and social organizations, NGOs, think tanks and citizens took part in the sessions organized throughout the Kingdom by the Special Commission on the Development Model.

In addition, the New Investment Charter, whose framework law was recently adopted in the Council of Ministers chaired by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, will allow Morocco to become more competitive, with the aim of improving the impact of the industry and stimulate job creation, writes the Ethiopian media.

Turning to Morocco-Ethiopia relations, the publication stresses that the two countries continue to gradually enrich and diversify their cooperation.

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