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Georgetown Behavioral Hospital Releases Guide on the Impact of Social Influence on Addiction

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GAHANNA, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2022 / -- Georgetown Behavioral Hospital has released a guide on the impact of social influence on addiction. Staying sober can be difficult for many if they’re surrounded by people who are addicts or support their addiction.

Social influence on addiction can be significant. Although the person that had the addiction has to take responsibility for their actions, their environment played a factor in their addiction. Some people need to be removed from their situation before getting better and recovering from addiction.

The social proximity effect is related to the people someone spends time with and the habits they develop. People who spend much time together can often begin to do the same hobbies and enjoy doing them together. This is the same for people with drug addiction, as they may all rely on each other for drugs or do them together.

People in recovery should seek those who will support their new lifestyle. When they can surround themselves with people who aren’t abusing substances, it can help them find other benefits to sobriety and keep them on track.

It becomes easier to recognize when friends have a negative impact on addiction once someone is sober. Some ways to help navigate relationships with friends and stay sober include:

• Thinking about what will be said to old friends before seeing them.
• Not assuming that someone will be able to avoid engaging in new habits.
• Not feeling strong enough to withstand urges while with friends.
• Not going to places where someone and their friends went to use drugs and alcohol.
• Considering taking a sober friend when seeing old friends.
• Giving oneself a certain amount of time with old friends.
• Getting involved in activities and volunteering where new friends can be made.
• Making it a point to have something to occupy themselves and old friends to avoid using.

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