SBMS Media Proclaims That it is Time for An Alternative to Pipe ad Drape for Live Corporate Events

Pipe and Drape backdrops have their place, but corporate event planners who want to make a big brand impact need to find an alternate stage backdrop solution.

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, August 1, 2022 / -- Live events are back and event planners are creating immersive experiences that require something more than pipe and drape backdrops.

What is a good alternative to pipe and drape?

Before exploring alternatives to pipe and drape backdrops, it’s important to understand why pipe and drape may not be the best solution for a corporate event or conference. Pipe and drape backdrops have been the tried-and-true option since the beginning and have become a very familiar, plain, and tired look for corporate events.

In other words, stage backdrops have come an incredibly long way in just the last few years. Increase spending on modular backdrops and then experience the difference this investment delivers.

Perhaps the number one reason why people utilize a pipe and drape backdrop is driven by budget constraints. Yes, this staging solution does cost less than some modular and/or hard panel solutions. But within the context of paying less, brands are also getting less—in many cases, a lot less impact and engagement with attendees.

Some of the downsides of going with pipe and drape include:

The overall look. This is perhaps one of the biggest and primary drawbacks of using a pipe and drape backdrop. It offers nothing new, nothing exciting, and minimal opportunities to brand and deliver meeting themes. There is no pizazz, just some hanging drapes, often black, grey or white. And if a company is attempting to create a buzz around their brand and create audience engagement, this probably isn’t going to be the best way to do it.

What Can Be Used Instead of Pipe and Drape?

Here is where alternatives to pipe and drape really do come into play and can help transform event spaces What was once just a tired and uninspired backdrop masking the backstage area, now becomes a living, breathing facet of the conference or event.

Tensioned fabric backdrops are emerging as a beautiful way to enhance a pipe and drape look while companies transition and expand their budgets to accommodate a more branded and dimensional design. Two of the biggest benefits of modular stage backdrops are:

Endless flexibility. Modular backdrops are easy to customize to unique event spaces. They can be ground-supported or rigged from a truss, and because the various components are modular in a wide variety of sizes the same design concept can be scaled to fit different-sized venues.

Creativity is encouraged when it comes to stage backdrops, and modular scenic allows brands to be as creative as the unique venue spaces demands. Environmentally friendly. Most backdrop frames are in fact environmentally friendly solutions. The pieces are part of a rental inventory and spend years and sometimes decades in service. Unlike traditional sets built with wood and tossed in the dumpster after the event. In a time when the environment is in a precarious place, this should be a consideration for every brand.

Things change; event planning is constantly evolving. Stage backdrops are no exception. Event planners and production managers who urge clients to select old-school pipe and drape systems consequently get a very tired look.

Or, they can elect to design a modular scenic design or stage backdrop, creating a solution that states the brand is cutting edge, creating a powerful and compelling look, and delivering a WOW! Factor and turn any event space into something spectacular.

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