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The real SBE seal

The Washington State Board must adopt a seal, and that seal shall be kept in the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (28A.305.130). 

Adopted on behalf of the Board in summer 2022 with 100 percent donated funds, the State Board’s seal is an educational interactive symbol for SBE. The SBE seal has their own Instagram account ( where they will document their journeys throughout Washington schools, attend Board meetings and report back, and share relatable resources that help educate the public on what the Board is and what the Board does—all while residing officially in its home: the Old Capitol Building in Olympia.Our seal on Instagram

Name our seal

The State Board’s seal needs a name! Elementary educators – send your class’s top three recommended names to by September 30, 2022. A committee of SBE representatives will narrow down all submissions and hold a state-wide voting contest on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram (from October 3 through October 31, 2022).

Invite our seal and a delegate from the State Board to your school

We’re always looking for ways to engage with schools. If you invite the State Board seal to your classroom, an SBE delegate will come with to help educate our students on state government and education. Email to coordinate with us!