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Travis Fencing is an Austin-based company specializing in high-quality fencing and installation for commercial and residential properties

Travis Fencing is a great fencing company. The fence installation was timely and professionally done. They came out within just a few days. Both guys were really pleasant, and did a great job!”
— Tyrone Lopez
AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2022 / -- Though every home is unique, every residential unit might not have the same degree of security. Conventionally, fencing has been trusted as a wise investment for every property owner. Securing a home or business is the primary motivation for any fencing project. Crime and unauthorized entry can happen in any city and suburb, and it is no different for Austin. Fencing accessible places is a simple way to safeguard against such threats. In addition, a fence serves as a deterrent for burglars and an exclusionary barrier for areas that have a history of intrusion by animals. Another fencing benefit is privacy. A fenced perimeter provides the assurance that kids playing in the backyard, seniors sunbathing, or the family enjoying an evening on the property have no reason to feel insecure. A stone wall or a wood fence on or around the property helps homeowners maintain privacy and security.

Property owners are most likely to search for local services to provide fencing solutions. Austin homeowners might make Google searches for "fencing company Austin" or ask around the neighborhood to hire an experienced contractor. One such trusted fencing company for Austin homeowners is Travis Fencing—a licensed and insured contractor offering high-quality fencing solutions.

Besides security and privacy, fencing a property can also help increase the home’s value. A fence's safety assurance is a significant selling point in some areas. In addition, a well-protected enclosed property can increase the marketability in a suburban neighborhood, where both inhabitants and potential purchasers often have a big real estate that needs to be demarcated. Potential purchasers who own pets will also value the presence of a fence for the same reasons—to keep their animals safe from escaping or being injured by strangers. So, hiring an experienced fencing company in Austin to enclose their backyard or front yard with wooden or metal fencing can boost the aesthetics and the selling potential. A company specializing in aluminum and wood picket fencing like Travis Fencing can help homeowners choose the best wooden and metal fencing that fits their budget and requirements.

"Travis Fencing is a great fencing company. The fence installation was timely and professionally done. They came out within just a few days. Both guys were really pleasant, very responsive, and did a great job!" - Tyrone Lopez

A well-designed brick wall or uncut boulder fence can increase a home’s curb appeal. For example, anyone can appreciate the charming look of a wooden fence with natural flowers poking through the gaps and a colorful mailbox on top of it. Fences, especially those surrounding corner properties, can be attractive and add to a home’s landscape. Austin fencing contractors understand customers with different style preferences and expectations and that is why they offer various fencing options, from masonry to metal fences. Many homeowners may think fencing an entire property must be expensive. However, it is not always the case. For instance, vinyl or PVC fencing is a much more affordable option for those who don't want to spend a fortune. Many Austin fencing service providers work with clients to find cost-effective fencing material that fits their budget and requirements. One such option is Travis Fencing, an Austin fencing company specializing in new fence installation, maintenance, and repair.

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Travis Fencing is a licensed and insured company in Austin with years of experience repairing and installing different fences, including brick-wall, chain-link, wooden, metal, and barbed wire. It provides a free quote and in-depth consultation for commercial and residential fencing projects. In addition, Travis Fencing offers comprehensive services for any fencing needs.

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