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Orange County Interior Designer Teaches Homeowners About Good Design Through The Power Of Contemporary Fireplaces

french interior designer samia verbist with flowers

French interior designer Samia Verbist helps homeowners connect with iconic looks

Not one to shy away from remodeling a luxury Orange County home into something stunning, French interior designer Samia Verbist tackled an ambitious project.

I want people to derive joy from my work. I want it to open up new perspectives and ways to view their living space. If I can do that for even one person, in only one room, it’s more than worth it”
— Samia Verbist
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2022 / -- Serving luxury homeowners in Orange County, noted French interior designer Samia Verbist always capitalizes on good design opportunities.

In one of her latest projects, Verbist and her team take a perfectly serviceable home and transform it into something inspiring with her patented design flair and panache. Case in point, her most recent article covers her detailed design process with a contemporary fireplace interior design in Orange County, California.

Contemporary Fireplaces With Samia Verbist

In her blog, Samia Verbist often dispenses expert interior design advice. Whether restoring a living room or offering home office interior design tips, Samia offers firsthand experience and explains the detailed thought process behind her creative decisions.

Since a fireplace often works as a strong focal point in a home, it’s crucial, according to Verbist, that it’s updated to avoid dating the room. She offers her own experience with updating old brick fireplaces with a more modern flair.

“Resurfacing a brick fireplace is an update that can be made indoors or out. This modern look works well in homes such as transitional, farmhouse, modern, contemporary, beach houses, and others. Designers can incorporate the same look in a new-build home, too – it just won’t have any brick underneath. And yes, we use it a lot in California!"

She knew a drab, white fireplace wouldn’t inspire anyone, least of all its owners. As such, she decided on a stunning black and white contrast to play into the idea of a fireplace as a room’s focal point.

“Updating the fireplace in this Orange, California home created a dramatic difference! We removed the mantel and covered the white brick with a dark tile in large-format slabs from floor to ceiling, creating a focal point for the room and a modern look still perfect for hanging the television above the gas fire.”

Her article is a tour de force of creative ideas, exploring different avenues and finding the perfect balance between beautiful aesthetics with overall functionality.

Replete with various before and after pictures (a common theme of her site), Samia wants to show the viewer the incredible power of even a simple, no-frills interior design project.

Additionally, in each article, Samia Verbist offers her own sources of inspiration to walk the reader through the design process. More importantly, what ideas she used to take a rather dull fireplace and change it into a showstopper.

One way she accomplishes this is through comprehensive 2D and 3D rendering services.

Finding What Works For A Home With Samia: 2D and 3D Renders

Samia Verbist offers multiple luxury home interior design services. Not satisfied with merely drafting a plan for an Orange County bedroom or powder room, Samia specializes in crafting detailed 2D, and 3D renders of rooms.

“These different renders provide a state-of-the-art look at what a room could be,” says Verbist. “Seeing a client’s face light up after seeing one of our renders is always worth it.”

And she and her team are confident they can provide homeowners with an accurate, attractive design.

Focusing Design Energy: The One Room Challenge

A constant presence on Verbist’s blog, the ‘One Room Challenge’ is a seasonal project she and her team undertake every year. Over the course of around two months, her team of design and construction experts took a relatively simple room and changed it into something entirely different. The results are stunning.

“We’ve worked on bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and everything in between. Not only do I love pouring focus into one living space, but I love sharing the entire process with clients, readers, friends, and family.”

But where does this seed of inspiration come from? And what allows it to grow into artistic excellence?

Tapping Into Her Roots: Samia’s Creative Journey

Samia Verbist, originally from Normandy, France, always had an artistic side.

“My parents were both drawn to the arts, my father a talented musician and my mother a deep appreciator of classical art. Creativity was constantly flowing in our home.” Verbist harnessed this creative background and used it to fuel her education and pursuit of her ultimate career: interior design.

“I mainly worked in sales for pharmaceutical companies in France, but I knew the arts were for me. In 2015, I finally decided to get my credentials in interior design, working mostly in Paris and Honfleur, France at first.”

After various successful creations in her home country of France, she created her company in 2016 in California. Before moving to Huntington Beach, she created multiple projects for homes and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Spanning the globe, Samia Verbist’s satisfied clients proudly exhibit her work from California to northern France. Verbist leaves her iconic design touch on homes and businesses with an international flair.

“Overall, I want people to derive joy from my work. I want my work to open up new perspectives and ways to view their living space. If I can do that for even one person, in only one room, it’s more than worth it.”

More About Samia Verbist Interior Design LLC

Originally from Normandy, France, Samia Verbist always had an eye for the aesthetically pleasing. Using her finely-tuned artistic skills, Samia created her company in 2016 and delivered projects in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Huntington Beach.

To learn more about Samia Verbist Interior Design LLC and more interior design tips, visit her website at

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