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French Interior Designer Brings Bold Colors To Orange County Homes

French interior designer Samia Verbist is making waves in Orange County, California.

The best color for a space depends on personal taste. It can also relate to a profession. Does a homeowner want an environment to boost creativity, increase productivity, or help visitors feel calm?”
— Samia Verbist
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2022 / -- Hailing from Normandy, France, interior designer Samia Verbist transforms drab rooms into stunning spaces. Thanks to her and her team of talented Huntington Beach interior designers, Verbist constantly emerged as one of the most unique and gifted designers in her field.

In her latest article, The Best Paint Colors for A Home Office, the noted Huntington Beach interior designer offers paint color tips for homeowners working remotely.

Embracing new and developing vernacular taking the Internet by storm in the work-from-home age, Samia Verbist educates homeowners on the excellent design potential of a 'cloffice,' or a home office in or the size of a closet.

Picking A Color That Works

Colors can change the total energy of a space, says Samia Verbist. Not only that, but they can make homeowners and their visitors feel at ease. Or, in some cases, uneasy and nervous. It all depends on the chosen color, the size of the space, and how a room comes together.

Samia explains in detail how a color like blue firmly captures our emotions and can convey creative ideas and thinking.

"For example, blue has positive qualities. It's recognized for its ability to enhance productivity. It means stability and serenity; it can be refreshing and calm. This means blue is good for people who work under pressure. It also pairs well with yellow, bringing a sense of vivacity."

By now, it's a well-known fact that yellow is likely a color that a homeowner wouldn't have at the top of their lists. However, Samia and her team recognize this and challenge the reader to use yellow instead as an accent or trim.

"Although I don't recommend yellow as the main color, it can be beneficial when used as an accent with other colors. Like its relative orange, yellow adds that touch of innovation and vibrant spirit. Both yellow and orange pair well with blues and grays."

And indeed, Verbist and her team of Orange County interior designers go on to emphasize the importance of neutral colors like white, gray, and beige.

What Is A Cloffice?

As previously stated, a cloffice, a trendy new term for homeowners, is a small space for a home office. A cloffice can literally be a closet or simply a tiny room. Either way, a cloffice requires a deft hand and a good eye for design, as specific colors, clutter, or layouts can have a massive effect on a small room.

"Colors convey emotions. Knowing the ins and outs of the color-emotion connection is crucial to any good interior design project. Even if it's simply painting a wall."

It's not Verbist's first foray into experimenting with specific rooms, however.

Samia Verbist and her team of expert interior designers in Huntington Beach can work wonders on multiple rooms in a luxury home. However, she's no stranger to pouring raw creativity and a joie de vivre into even one room. This is where her participation in the 'One Room Challenge' took center stage, exhibiting her expert interior design services.

The One Room Challenge

Using interior design as a launching pad, Samia partook in the wildly ambitious 'One Room Challenge.' In the One Room Challenge, her interior design company in Orange County would completely overhaul a room over several weeks. Stellar examples of her work on the One Room Challenge include kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, and more.

"The One Room Challenge is one of my favorite parts of being an interior designer in Huntington Beach," she says. The One Room Challenge is only one aspect of her vast design acumen.

Transform A Home With Samia

Samia Verbist designs it all: Orange County home bars, master bedrooms, patios, bathrooms, and more. With notable projects in Paris, France, Samia Verbist's work is truly international.

Samia Verbist Interior Design also offers quality 2D and 3D renderings of rooms to show the homeowner. These lifelike floorplans take an ambitious idea for a room and make it a virtual reality.

Samia also offers expert in-home consultations for those looking to spruce up a room or completely remodel and renovate a wing of their house.

"The In-Home Consultation is perfect for small to moderate-scale projects where people want to get involved in the process, go shopping, and manage the installation. Still, homeowners need professional advice and tips to start the project."

And Samia offers multiple options to take advantage of her expertise in interior design. Whether they want a high-quality 3D render of a proposed remodel of a master bedroom or desperately need design tips, Samia has homeowners covered.

Most of all, Samia dedicates herself to making people feel at home in their own homes. She states that it's her mission to make people feel comfortable and fall in love all over again with their homes. Whether sprucing up a bookcase or installing granite countertops in a kitchen, Samia uses her European sensibilities to rock the very foundations of interior design in Orange County.

More About Samia Verbist Interior Design LLC

Originally from Normandy, France, Samia Verbist always had an eye for the aesthetically pleasing. Using her finely-tuned artistic skills, Samia created her company in 2016 and delivered projects in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Huntington Beach.

To learn more about Samia Verbist Interior Design LLC and more interior design tips, visit her website at

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