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Fixing Home Foundations With 5 Star Restoration

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Home foundations differ according to location, size, and more

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The 5 Star Restoration prides itself on forging meaningful bonds with clients, using expertise and excellent customer service

Murrieta, California, home repair and restoration business 5 Star Restoration shares its expertise to help homeowners understand house foundations.

Homeowners need to inspect the state of a home’s foundation to ensure not only the integrity of the home’s structure but to make sure their families are safe”
— Nick Smuts
MURRIETA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2022 / -- It’s not surprising how many homeowners go days without even thinking about the foundations of their homes. As such, the Murrieta, California restoration company, led by manager Kevin Gray, offers expert knowledge regarding home foundations and how they’re crucial to living comfortably.

Finding The Foundations

What is a house foundation? Homeowners can generally have a general idea of what a foundation is, but familiarity with facts is essential to maintain a home properly.

5 Star Restoration explains that house foundations are the base of a structure. And the home repair company in the Inland Empire clears up any confusion regarding the necessity of a house foundation.

No, a structure can’t stand on its own without a proper house foundation.

“Homeowners need to inspect the state of a home’s foundation to ensure not only the integrity of the home’s structure but to make sure their families are safe,” says Nick Smuts, the business development officer at 5 Star Restoration.

Indeed, a shoddy foundation can land homeowners in a heap of trouble. Especially with current heatwaves in states like Texas, a home’s foundation is at risk from extreme weather conditions.

Learning About The Different Types Of House Foundations

No one foundation is built the same. Depending on the type of house, location, and more, house foundations differ greatly.

Five Star Restoration explains, “Depending on the style of the home, the location, and the size. The foundations can greatly vary. A small house in southern Florida will use a different foundation than a high-rise apartment in New York City. Plus, each house foundation type has its own pros and cons every homeowner should know.”

The Inland Empire home repair and restoration professionals break down common house foundations.

Reaching The Basement

For example, basement foundations, more common in the American Midwest and East Coast, are deep under the house. Basement foundations often match the aboveground structure exactly.

“With walls usually measuring at least seven feet high, basements are excellent, solid foundations. Plus, there's the additional option of converting a basement into a living space.

In this manner, basement foundations can hold a lot of appeal for homeowners who need extra space. Additionally, basements act as a safety measure during extreme weather events and natural disasters. However, there are clear downsides to having a basement foundation.

“However, homeowners with basement foundations often run into water and flooding issues, opening up the possibility for mold growth.”

Crawl Spaces

Almost the exact opposite of a basement foundation, crawl space foundations are a money-saver. Although there isn’t much potential for storage and using and renovating a space, crawl spaces often help protect a home against flooding.

“[When] building a home, a crawl space foundation can save money, too. Since one won't need to excavate like a conventional basement foundation, this foundation is ideal.

However, homeowners need to make themselves aware of maintaining a crawl space in regards to proper airflow.

“Homeowners need to be aware of adequately ventilating crawl spaces to prevent possible mold and increase air quality.”

Concrete Slab

Concrete slabs, as the name suggests, are poured concrete that creates a stable, dense house foundation. Cheaper, easier to construct, and common throughout the country, concrete slab foundations are a fantastic asset to any homeowner.

Experts at 5 Star Restoration explain further:

“Concrete slab foundations provide excellent protection against specific hazards. People with concrete slab foundations experience fewer problems with bugs like termites and experience less damage with flooding. However, it depends on what part of the country the home is.”

As with basements and crawl spaces, there are some cons for concrete slab foundations, including some serious potential for catastrophic water damage relating to an encased drainage pipe.

“However, if there's an issue with the drainage pipes, there could be some trouble. Since a drainage pipe is sealed in concrete, getting to the source of the issue can be costly. Also, concrete slab foundations don't offer any storage options.”

Problems With Home Foundations

As explained before, no house foundation is entirely without its risks, hazards, and issues.

Common problems arising from certain home foundations are cracks, moisture in the crawl space, sagging floors, and water accumulation in the home.

Luckily, signs of these issues are quite apparent, tipping off homeowners that they need to take action immediately by calling on home restoration professionals.

Fixing Foundations With 5 Star Restoration

“Based in the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego, Five Star Restoration professionals are well-versed in all things home improvement,” declares 5 Star Restoration. And with good reason. The company started in 2016 and has been a community fixture, offering service not only with a smile but with a meaningful, friendly connection to its clients.

“We wanted to combine fantastic home repair and restoration services in Murrieta with a deep sense of friendliness and dependability,” says Kevin Gray. "And all the work we do is up to code. We strictly follow California's regulations and codes, so don't expect us to cut corners!"

The home restoration company offers more than just home inspections to ensure a home foundation is secure. Offering numerous services, including mold removal, fire damage restoration, and board-up services, 5 Star Restoration builds upon its reputation in the community and years of combined experience to deliver satisfying and impactful results.

“Connecting with customers and helping them is what we’ve built our business model on.”

More About 5 Star Restoration

Five Star Restoration serves the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego’s home repair and restoration needs. Whether repairing water damage or preparing for a natural storm, the professionals at Five Star Restoration have homeowners covered.

For more information, visit Five Star Restoration.

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