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Elephant Robotics is expanding its product lines

As we see demand and opportunities for individual and educational use, we turn to consumer and professional robots. Now we have myCobot, myPalletizer, and robotic pets and, more development kits.”
— Joey Song
NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2022 / -- Elephant Robotics has constantly been bringing up more products lately. The mechArm team has officially joined Elephant Robotics team recently and now the crowdfunding robotic arm,mechArm has been shipped to their backers.

The World's Smallest and Most Compact Robots
As the representative work of the elephant robot, mechArm and myCobot is the world's most compact and smallest robot arm respectively. The mechArm is a small 6-axis robotic arm for maker innovation and service in industry and education. Similarly, as a 6-ais robotic arm, myCobot series is also a hot-sale product of Elephant Robotics. There are several versions of robotic arms in myCobot series, including myCobot 280, 320, Pro600, with a working ranges from 280mm to 600mm with different payloads from 250g to 2000g. For most users, these robotic arms can help boost the applications in basic desktop teaching, commercial pre-research, commercial display, etc.

Secondary development Support
As a robot company that aims to help more people enjoy the robots world easily, Elephant Robotics not only developed and produced robotic arms, but the team also provides comprehensive related services to fulfill customers' needs. Open-source materials, extensible accessories, and development modules along with application solutions are also available. Two of the most popular and time-proven examples are the myCobot AI Kit and the myAGV Kit, an automous guided vehicle developed by Elephant Robotics.

Based on the Linux system and a 1:1 simulation model in ROS, an AI Kit composes the vision, positioned gripping, and automatic sorting modules. Featuring computer vision, an equipped camera can recognize and locate the cubes of different colors or images through OpenCV, and then the core processor of the robotic arm can calculate their current and targeted spatial coordinate positions, and finally grip a cube into the corresponding barrels. This is designed for individual developers as well as STEM educators who are interested in applications combining AI with robotics.

myAGV adopts Mecanum wheels, lidar, and a high-precision camera, and it could be separately controlled by autonomous navigation, handle control, and keyboard. Combined with myCobot 280, they are regarded as the smallest compound robot in the world. For more extensions, myAGV can carry up to two robotic arms equipped with end effectors. It also features real-time movement and mapping, as well as autonomous navigation. Combined with myCobot, this compound robot can complete a wide range of work. In addition, it supports all open source in ROS simulation and MoveIt, and can also be programmed with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Python, and C++.

Temperate service does not suit Elephant Robotics' values, they constantly modify and upgrades these robots and kits, and now they are compatible with other robotic arms, e.g. mechArm and myPalletizer on both software and hardware levels.

"When our team formed, we first focused on industrial robot arms, and we managed to develop and produce C and P series. As we see demand and opportunities for individual and educational use, we gradually turn to consumer and professional robots. Now we have myCobot, myPalletizer, and bionic robotic pets and, more development kits." Joey Song, CEO of Elephant Robotics.

Looking into the future
With the fast development of science and technology, people have higher requirements for high-tech products. Elephant Robotics focuses on producing more products with better performance to meet our customers' needs. Also, the team will devote themselves to providing more perfect customer service as in the past.

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myPalletizer 260 is capitable with AI Kit