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Cloud Concrete is a professional contractor with over 28 years of experience in commercial and residential concrete projects

We had the pleasure of working with Cloud Concrete on our latest patio project. They were responsive, quick to respond and get started even when the rain caused some delays in their schedule.”
— Winry Albanese
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2022 / -- A concrete patio or driveway can outlast rough weather conditions and might perform admirably with little care but over a period, concrete surfaces might need minimal servicing to hold up their aesthetics and performance. For instance, painting concrete outdoor surfaces once every 5 years can be a good idea. These attributes make concrete an affordable and customizable option for sidewalks, stairs, driveways, floor leveling, and other commercial and residential projects. Therefore, those looking for new construction or home renovation can talk to a local service provider like Cloud Concrete, which can provide customized concrete jobs for commercial and residential units.

Choosing an appropriate concrete contractor in Seattle can be a bit challenging for customers because many companies are providing more or less similar services. However, there are ways to ensure property owners receive a contractor that fits their requirements and budget allocations. For example, hiring a professional company with proper license, certification, and insurance is always a good idea. One such local service provider is Cloud Concrete, a quality patio paving contractor in Seattle for the last 28 years.

Asking the selected contractors to provide references or pictures of past projects can give customers a fair idea about their capabilities. For instance, some companies specialize in concrete driveways and foundations, while many are experts in concrete sealing and finishing. By reviewing their previous projects, Seattle residents can decide whether they are appropriate for the concrete job or not. Homeowners deciding to create an aesthetically appealing patio may want to hire someone with experience installing a concrete patio. An experienced Seattle contractor like Cloud Concrete can be a good choice because this service provider has knowledge of different materials and designs. Besides expertise and skilled technicians, such professional companies can provide numerous design templates and custom designs, depending on the patio area and customers' budgets.

Concrete sidewalks and driveways are a popular choice because they can also contribute to boosting the evaluation of a home or commercial property. For instance, adequately installed concrete sidewalks can last up to 50 years—a feature that realtors and property managers are most likely to highlight. A walkway's benefits extend beyond its apparent practicality as a means of transportation. Proper maintenance can ensure that such concrete structures deliver the entire range of benefits. Property managers should ensure that the chosen contractor provides a stable foundation for the sidewalks to ensure safety for pedestrians. There are several options, such as reinforced, precast, and high-performance concrete to consider. An experienced, local contractor can help to make a better choice.

Although most installed concrete structures should last several years, some can deteriorate prematurely due to improperly installed slabs or foundations. In such cases, property managers need to hire a local contractor who can provide conventional, new, and smarter, money-saving options to restore and refurbish a concrete patio or driveway. Some Seattle companies provide repair & replacement services with transparent pricing, multiple material options, and additional support. One such local provider is Cloud Concrete Contractor Seattle.

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