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Crypto Asset Rating launching NFT Marketplace

Crypto Asset Rating launching NFT Marketplace

Crypto Asset Rating (CAR Inc) is a US-based Fintech company that allows users to create, trade and manage their digital securities through its TAP Platform...

NEW YORK , NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2022 / -- Crypto Asset Rating (CAR Inc) a US-based Fintech company that allows users to create, trade and manage their digital securities through its Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP) has announced the launch of its new NFT marketplace.

This new NFT marketplace will facilitate users to trade digital art without intermediaries or third parties. Crypto Asset Rating uses Ethereum blockchain technology to create a platform where users can easily launch their own NFT tokens, as well as sell them on the platform. To mint new NFTs, the platform deploys Ethereum ERC 721 standards.

Users can list, sell, auction, and bid on limited-edition, and unique digital collectibles like artwork and anime figures on the marketplace. This could be a momentous change for both the crypto and gaming industries.

The NFT marketplace allows creators to store NFTs in their respective wallets, and sell their virtual items, without a need for vendor fees or intermediaries. Art, videos, photographs, or even memes can be traded with other users or buy them on the market through cryptocurrency. In addition, the platform pays NFT royalties to the original creator each time the asset is sold on a marketplace.

This platform enables immediate opportunities for users to monetize their assets and provides new opportunities for creators to create more engaging digital assets that investors can buy.

A new NFT Marketplace has implemented effective and efficient KYC measures to gain users' trust to establish credibility among traditional financial institutions, and safeguard against criminal exploitation.

Decentralized ownership has been one of the most discussed topics in the crypto community. A digital asset, like any other traditional asset, can be used as a medium of exchange and traded. The non-fungible token that employs blockchain technology functions as an alternative to traditional ownership.

The potential benefits of using an NFT marketplace are that it ensures authenticity and transferability, two key issues with traditional exchanges.

This new NFT marketplace will protect users from exploitative practices such as selling their collection for a low price, which is common when buying and selling real-world goods online. Since ownership is associated with a single account, there is no need for multiple accounts or sign-ins, which protects buyers from the risk of fraudulent NFTs.

NFTs have become an unbelievably valuable part of the crypto industry as they cannot be altered or replaced. This ensures their authenticity and allows for a quicker assessment of their value. It also helps to reduce volatility in the market. The assets can be traded through the blockchain without any central authority, like banks or governments.

NFTs offer complete liberty from worry, as they cannot be delisted or stolen like traditional forms of currency. As these tokens are non-fungible, it means they are unique and are unable to lose value over time as fiat currency does.

In recent months, non-fungible tokens have emerged as a major market force in the cryptocurrency industry. They have become more popular for their application in video games, collectibles, and sports memorabilia, among others. Crypto Asset Rating’s new NFT marketplace focuses on connecting creators and buyers for collectibles, artworks, and other items.

“To meet the growing demand for a seamless customer experience, we are launching a decentralized, blockchain-based NFT marketplace that connects creators and buyers,” said Rippy Sethi, Chief Business Development Officer of Crypto Asset Rating Inc. “This open marketplace will help creators to reach a wider audience for their work and get paid for it without the need of a middleman.”

He adds, “NFTs are the future of creative asset trading and creators should take advantage of this as we expand globally.”

Non-fungible Tokens are digital assets that exist on top of the blockchain and can be owned and traded by anyone. The creation of NFTs gives rise to a new type of creative economy - one that relies on creators rather than owners to generate value for their work, giving them opportunities to get more exposure and avoiding transferring ownership to platforms.

There are a lot of distinct reasons companies and individuals are looking for solutions to buy or sell NFT. The most common ones are the need to raise capital, gain passive income and eliminate the risk of money loss due to intermediaries.

The non-fungible token marketplace can provide transparency and trust among investors who have never heard of the creator/artist before because all their attributes are recorded on one digital asset instead of multiple ones.

Non-fungible tokens have grown in popularity to monetize digital assets that have value. The new NFT platform by Crypto Asset Rating is a great way for independent artists to sell their work without having to enter a long-term, exclusive contract with a gallery. Along with connecting buyers and sellers, it enhances trust between them by eliminating intermediaries and the risk of fraud.

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