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Ronn Torossian on Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 11, 2022 / -- Ronn Torossian says different strategies work on different social media platforms which means companies have to cater to and create strategies for each platform that they're using. It's also important for companies to avoid making platform-specific mistakes with their social media marketing strategies.

Torossian adds that companies tend to keep track of the most viral and trending sounds on TikTok, so they can use them in their content and reach a wider audience. However, it's important to remember that businesses shouldn't be using any of those trending sounds when creating advertising campaigns on the platform. The reason for that is because the average trending sound tends to only be popular for up to two weeks, while advertising campaigns can run a lot longer than that. That means although trending sounds are great in everyday content on TikTok, the same sounds are going to bore the users if they keep hearing them long after they've passed the peak of their popularity. In fact, doing so can actually backfire for businesses because many people grow tired of constantly listening to the same sound, which can hurt a company's image and likeability with its audience. Another important viral trend on TikTok is filters, and there are hundreds of thousands that companies can use to create their content. Just like with sounds, filters come and go in terms of their popularity, which means in a similar fashion, companies need to know when they should be joining the trends, and when they should be avoiding them.

Social media platforms, including Instagram, are constantly changing and evolving. In fact, Instagram is always making new feature announcements, but companies aren't always keeping up with those announcements and changes. This is a big mistake simply due to the fact that whenever the platform rolls out a new feature, it starts prioritizing accounts that are using those features when promoting content to its users. That's why companies always have to stay on top of the latest Instagram features to utilize the benefit they'll get from the platform promoting their accounts for using them. Aside from features, the platform also announced that Instagram isn't solely a photo-sharing platform anymore, and while that's been true for a while, it's always going to be important for companies to share high-quality visual content. If a company is only sharing low-quality visual content on the platform, it's not going to be able to grab or even retain the attention of its target audience.

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