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Life in the Hands of Jesus

Author Sharmila Panirselvam writes a 60-page read about her destiny in her book Life in the Hands of Jesus

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 8, 2022 / -- Destiny, for some, is only a distant idea until they meet God. Sharmila Panirselvam did not think so as she had already met God, but just had quite a lot of questions about Him, which she shares in her book Life in the Hands of Jesus.

Published only in March this year, Life in the Hands of Jesus is already successful in the way that it is out there, changing lives as it is destined to be. It is about living with the knowledge of God’s greatness and being touched and humbled by it.

Life in the Hands of Jesus is a testament to God’s greatness and the life one lives with this truth.

“I am a living testimony, dear reader, that Jesus is everything in me… One touch of His presence changed everything in my life, and I pursued Him like a lover I had long waited for in this lifetime,” Sharmila writes on the welcoming page of her book.

The author, Sharmila, has always been enamored by God and the light He exudes to those who have found and follow Him. Because of this, her curiosity only grew stronger as she was growing up. And in a devoted family, she was destined to find Him, but through how He meant it to happen. And true enough, she did and is now an author of a precious gift from God Himself.

Truly, what is meant to be will be. Witness such and get to know Sharmila’s story by purchasing Life in the Hands of Jesus on Amazon.

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