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Mailing List Website has databases available listing Obama book buyers, donors, and followers in America

For many, this database mailing list creates an active interest and nostalgia for past presidents like Obama, which presents new business opportunities.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2022 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is ready to help companies grow their business by proactively finding the clients and customers they need. For companies that work directly with other companies, business postal mailing lists are available to make it easier to find the decision-makers within these high-volume organizations.

Other businesses aim their products and services at the general public. These consumer postal mailing lists cover various geographic and demographic breakdowns for more precise market targeting and a higher chance of interest, engagement, and response. Whether B2B or a retail consumer marketing strategy, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can help.

How Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Got Its Start
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing began as an idea from a disabled veteran who would go on to found the company. After seeing the duties of military service to completion by protecting the country, the next step was to help that country’s economy grow. This would be done by assisting the engines of the economy, the businesses to find more clients or customers that were the bedrock of healthy development. A small start-up began in pursuit of this goal, and over the years, that start-up has now grown to a company that proudly boasts staff with over 50 years of combined industry experience in the marketing sector.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing’s first entered the marketing industry in a period of significant flux. The traditional, analog marketing techniques, such as print advertising on buses or commercials on radio, were still the dominant strategies. However, as in other sectors, digital was already paving new ground. People had learned enough from past industry experience to expect that digital would eventually become a significant player in this industry.

The company’s focus when it started operations was on direct mail. This had the fortunate side-effect of imparting crucial skillsets in data acquisition, management, and analytics. As many had expected, it all came to a head when digital rapidly took on new significance, and businesses scrambled to stake new marketing ground in this platform. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing’s data-centric skills gave it an early mover advantage. It integrated digital marketing into its range of services and quickly yielded significant gains for both the company and the clients it served.

When Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing first entered the business, its initial service range was limited, serving only the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. Things have changed a lot in the intervening years, and now the entirety of the United States is done, including the states of Alaska and Hawaii. That coverage also extends to the rest of North America, with databases available for those wishing to move into the markets in Canada and Mexico. Even international business is now possible, crossing the Atlantic and entering markets in the European Union with databases for countries like France.

The Obama Administration Is A Symbol Of The Past
It’s been several years since Barack Obama was President of the United States, and for many, that administration is now a part of the past that represents a different America. For many, Obama now means a time before the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its subsequent war, a time before Roe vs. Wade was overturned, a time before a global pandemic swept across the world shuttering lifestyles and businesses, and even a time when politics between Republicans and Democrats was not as aggressively divisive as it is today.

Obama’s time, in other words, represents a period when America was not as uncertain and turbulent as it is now. This has created a large contingent of Americans who still retain a sense of nostalgia and interest in this living President of the past. Obama is still active on social media, which many Americans follow and read. He has also written books that Americans actively purchase and read. And if nothing else, Obama has cemented his position in history as the first black President the country has ever had.

A Past To Be Proud Of
Obama has had a distinguished life, marked by many accomplishments. Having always been interested in law, he was admitted to Harvard and became the first black president of The Harvard Law Review. Upon graduation, he practiced law as a civil rights attorney and taught constitutional law. It wasn’t very long, however, before he finally jumped into the political ring and, in 1997, became a state senator for Illinois, a position he held until 2004.

Now a career politician, Obama switched gears and became a US Senator from 2005 to 2008. It wasn’t long before he ran for the Presidency and, in January of 2009, became the USA’s 44th President. During that time, he created many initiatives, including the creation of the Affordable Care Act, seeing to completion the pursuit of Osama Bin Laden, the terrorist leader responsible for the September 11th attack of 2001 in New York City, and promoting the legalization of same-sex marriages in the United States. His administration is also marked by strong economic growth for the country.

Politics Is A Demographic
The rule of marketing is that the more you know about a potential customer, the easier it is to offer a product or service relevant to their interests. For example, someone who uses a wheelchair will not be receptive to a health program involving running or jogging, as it is not relevant to their physical capabilities. However, if someone is known to be interested in running and physical fitness, that same health program will garner a much higher receptivity rate.

Being able to market to the appropriate audience is a matter of having good information about a person’s consumer preferences and other patterns of behavior. Who a person is, what they buy, and what they are interested in are tied into many factors that define their personality.
In many respects, a person’s politics can be a significant indicator of consumer behavior that can generally be expected of them. Perhaps more importantly, this can also go a long way toward helping to predict the types of products and services that a person might have. Political affiliations and interests can be solid indicators for many things, including:

Charity Interests
For donors and charities, politics can be a significant “signpost” indicating the types of charities and causes to which a person will be receptive. In the same way that someone with a Republican orientation is more likely to donate to causes like protection of firearms laws or stricter immigration, a Democrat is more likely to contribute to abortion-related causes or minority rights protection.
While this is not a strict guarantee, charities and the people willing to donate to them have, in recent years, aligned with political party preferences in many cases.

Social Issues
Asking for volunteers or seeking contributions to specific social issues is another area where political affiliation can play an important role. For example, people who follow Obama and read his books are more likely to be invested in social justice issues such as racial equality or LGBT+ rights and representation.
For causes that are looking for volunteers or assistance in these areas, Obama followers have a much higher likelihood of being receptive to these issues than, for example, Republicans that prefer to follow Trump.

Social Media
Even with social media and its usage, there are divisions along party lines. While Democrats and Republicans may use Facebook in equal proportions, roughly 7 out of every 10, there are measurable differences regarding other platforms. Wanting to reach out to Democrat-dominated social media means using platforms like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In contrast, Republicans are more likely to be active users of Truth Social, the media platform owned and operated by Trump, than Obama followers.

Foods are another area where Obama followers are more likely to follow a general trend that opposes food choices for those on the opposite side of the political spectrum. For example, it’s statistically safer to assume most Republicans are fans of red meat and will often go with a hamburger given a choice. However, for Obama followers and others who vote along Democratic lines, there’s a higher likelihood to be more open to a varied diet, such as chicken burgers, ethnic foods such as Indian or Chinese, and even vegetarian options. In other words, a more varied diet, rather than “meat and potatoes,” is statistically more likely for Obama followers, leading to more options for marketing food.

Social Services
When it comes to participating in or assisting with social services and related topics, Obama followers once again have a probably higher rate of interest. Areas like welfare, student loan repayment or loan forgiveness, assistance for food and housing, and similar regions all tend to engage with Obama followers more, consistent with the general Democrat initiative to assist those that need additional aid or help.
Products That Establish Individuality

Another area where marketing falls along specific lines is the presentation and image of particular products. More conservative shopping tendencies for premium items tend toward items that make a statement about the owner’s standards, mainly if the product implies a superiority for the owner compared to others that don’t have the same effect. Obama followers and other democrats, however, value uniqueness rather than power. So if a product is positioned as promoting a sense of individuality or originality, rather than implying superiority, there will be more interest.

Reaching Out To Obama Followers
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has listings for Obama followers all over the United States. These databases have been carefully collected and verified to confirm they are still legitimate, current, and active.
The database for Obama followers around the United States is complete enough for a nationwide campaign. However, this can be easily scoped down to accommodate specific areas, such as targeting only the states in the Great Lakes area. A single form can also be targeted, such as Illinois. It’s even possible to scope campaigns to a single neighborhood in a town or city, such as only Bridgeport in Chicago.

The databases can also be broken down according to the demographic requirements of specific products or services. So if marketing is better received by a particular ethnicity, such as Obama followers who are African American, that specificity is available. It’s also possible to target a market based on religious affiliation, so if the Muslim Obama followers are a better fit, they can be explicitly reached. Even financial categories can be used in the marketing plans if there’s an interest in contacting only high-net-worth individuals.

Contact details are also available in a variety of different formats as needed. Mailing addresses are standard for direct mail campaigns. Email addresses are provided for digital marketing plans. If telemarketing is the preferred strategy, home or business phone numbers are available. Even cell phone numbers can be provided for text/SMS-based marketing strategies.

Some businesses may be interested in hands-on management of a direct mail campaign but lack the experience. There are turnkey direct mail solutions to address these concerns. This service takes clients through each phase of the immediate mail process with careful guidance, from the concept, planning, and design phase, to manufacturing and printing materials and then distributing them. It all happens under one roof, eliminating the usual need to source and vet different vendors for the different stages.

If you’re interested in Obama book buyers and follower lists, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. When you work with us, you support an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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