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"The Cabala of the Cushite, Zephaniah"

Author Beverly Prince tells the story of the world within the world after a great war in her book The Cabala of the Cushite, Zephaniah

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 7, 2022 / -- A world where race still matters is where conflict still continues. This message is made clear in Beverly Prince’ book, The Cabala of the Cushite, Zephaniah.

Kaballah, also spelled as Kabala, Kabbalah, Cabala, Cabbala, or Cabbalah, is a term for Jewish mysticism. The word translates to “knowledge received through tradition”. Cushite, on the other hand, is a term that refers to Africa and Africans in the Old Testament. In simpler words, the story of The Cabala of the Cushite, Zephaniah is a story of race as well as those that it affects.

"The Cabala of the Cushite, Zephaniah," published by iUniverse in 2001, begins with the introduction of the main character, Zepha, finding himself lying face down on the ground, almost unconscious, and later on realizing that he is not alone. His mind wanders and proceeds to ponder upon his current state.

The book falls under fantasy with a gist of Christian literature, however, Beverly’s account does not fall far from today’s reality as race still raises and faces objections, prejudices, division, and, therefore, conflicts.

And despite the book being fiction, Alicia Heath-Toby, a reader who left a review on Amazon, said that Beverly “has really captured the journey for us as African in America” and that “is refreshing to read such a text & know that a woman of not only color, but of substance wrote it”.

Beverly Prince remains almost totally anonymous online, however, her book might be a way to get to know her.

For access to The Cabala of the Cushite, Zephaniah, it is available on

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