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A meaningful collaboration to accelerate sustainability efforts

Quantum computing has the potential to transform the way we model natural systems”
— Christine Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Ingenii Inc.
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 7, 2022 / -- Ingenii Inc., a quantum data analytics platform that accelerates the adoption of quantum computing into the conventional data science stack, partners with DeepScience Ltd. to tackle climate change. DeepScience is a multi-solution company offering a quantum computing platform linking CO2 drawdown companies to funders and customers.

"Quantum computing has the potential to transform the way we model natural systems," said Christine Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Ingenii Inc. “Our goal is to get this technology into the hands of people like Dahl Winters, who are doing the high impact work, as quickly as possible.”

“Addressing climate change with the necessary level of global coordination for fast progress cannot be done by thousands of disconnected companies with isolated carbon accounting and management platforms.” said Dahl Winters, Chief Executive Officer of DeepScience Ltd. “Achieving the system-wide effort needed at a global scale will require a smarter, more efficient way to calculate where and when climate solutions can be deployed by whom. Classical computing can’t cut it in terms of efficiency as we move forward with scaling out our Quantum Global Optimizer platform. Ingenii is thus a critical partner to our company’s future success.”
Recent Updates

• DeepScience models 450 cities and 39 climate solutions through its Quantum GO platform using Ingenii
• Ingenii commercializes data engineering platform and is on track to release quantum workspaces to select pilot users later this summer

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About Ingenii
Ingenii is a data analytics and engineering platform designed to provide quantum algorithms specific to life sciences, environmental research, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare, without the need for quantum development. The company's platform features the ability to accelerate the adoption of quantum technologies into a business conventional technology stack. Integrating with leading quantum software and service providers Ingenii offers a comprehensive suite of quantum resources within its development environment, providing companies with a quantum-enabled data ecosystem with a simplified interface. For more information, visit and follow Ingenii on LinkedIn

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