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PPE Detection Market Size is projected to reach USD 61.49 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 80%: Straits Research

The PPE detection market size accounted for USD 310 million in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 61490 million by 2030, at a CAGR of 80% during the forecast period (2022-2030). North America dominated the market. It is estimated to reach an expected value of USD 4500 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 79%.

New York, United States, July 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PPE kits protect the body parts from getting hurt in industries like oil & gas, heavy manufacturing factories, construction, mining, food processing plants, and logistic sectors. These PPE kits are also utilized in healthcare industries such as pharmaceuticals and hospitals to avoid exposure to drugs in laboratories and germs & viruses, respectively.

Several injuries and deaths of workers have occurred over the last few years, primarily in construction and heavy industries. Therefore, for the worker's safety, the governments and the manufacturing companies in several countries have made it compulsory to provide the worker with appropriate PPE kits during working and mandatory to wear while working on site. This has led to the implementation of PPE kits while working as a mandatory rule. The PPE detection market is primarily driven due to strict government and industry regulations on using PPE while working on heavy industrial sites. In addition, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are rapidly developing.

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Growth of the Healthcare Industry to Drive the Global PPE Detection Market

Due to the rise in diseases and infections worldwide, the healthcare industry is rapidly developing. This has increased hospital development so that people in the area may quickly obtain healthcare services. In November 2020, for example, the largest hospital in Spain will open in Toledo. This hospital has 853 beds and 250 outpatient and examination rooms, and 25 surgery rooms.

Workers, doctors, and researchers in the healthcare industry must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid the transfer of viruses or infection in hospitals and the effects of medications on the body in laboratories. Before accessing the chemically exposed premises in laboratories, personal protective clothing such as a head cap, goggles, gloves, fluid-resistant gowns, and other protective equipment is required. Similarly, these devices prevent virus and illness transmission from the patient to the doctor or nurse. As a result, PPE kits are necessary for these regions, which leads to the installation of PPE detection systems for surveillance and worker safety. As a result, the global PPE detection market is driven by the healthcare industry's rise.

Advancement in PPE Kits and Detection Systems to Provide Opportunities for the Global PPE Detection Market

Several PPE manufacturers are introducing new and improved PPE wearables to the market. For example, in October 2020, BLACK+DECKER, a PPE company, debuted head and eye items with enhanced design and material quality within their PPE portfolio. Users benefit from smart PPE in various ways, including improved communication in loud or low-visibility conditions for face masks, earmuffs, and goggles. As a result, intelligent PPE equipment provides greater comfort to the individual using it. As a result of technological developments in PPE kits, workers will be more likely to use them. As a result, the installation of PPE detection systems will increase.

Furthermore, improvements in detection systems, such as a faster reaction time when used to restrict or access a worker's entry and better data collecting and storage, would aid in the adoption of more PPE detection systems in the market. Because of the advanced capabilities in the PPE detection system, it will be simple to run via IoT as well. As a result, advancements in PPE kits and detection systems are likely to generate a significant potential opportunity for the PPE detection market during the forecast period.

Key Highlights

  • The PPE detection market size accounted for USD 310 million in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 61490 million by 2030, at a CAGR of 80% during the forecast period (2022-2030).
  • By type, the market is divided into eye, face and head, hand, body, and other. The eye, face, and head segments dominated the market. It is estimated to reach an expected value of USD 4606 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 79%. Construction, oil and gas, and healthcare are among the businesses that have grown. Eye PPE protects the eyes from objects, chemicals, and other potentially harmful substances.
  • The hand segment is the second-largest market. It is estimated to reach an expected value of USD 695 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 81%. Gloves have become an integral part of industrial workers' gear as safety standards have increased. Gloves are also utilized in laboratories during the development and investigation of new drugs. As a result, the hand PPE segment is predicted to rise, which will boost the PPE detection market over the forecast period.
  • The body segment is the third-largest market. It is estimated to reach an expected value of USD 4175 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 79%. Growth in construction and heavy industries has led to a rise in the use of body PPE. It has, therefore, boosted the installation of a PPE detection system that verifies the adoption of body protection PPE.
  • Depending on deployment, on-premises dominated the market. It is estimated to reach an expected value of USD 6454 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 79%. PPE detection system developers such as Agile Lab and Uncanny Vision Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provide the PPE detection systems deployed on-premise. Owing to data security, on-premise deployment of PPE detection systems is rapidly growing worldwide.
  • The cloud segment is the fastest-growing market. It is estimated to reach an expected value of USD 4099 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 80%. As third-party hosts handle all maintenance and upgrades, cloud deployment does not necessitate the hiring of IT professionals. It also backs up the data regularly to keep it safe. Pervasive Technologies, for example, offers a cloud-based PPE detection system. As a result of these benefits, cloud deployment of PPE detection systems has increased in recent days and is likely to expand during the projection period.
  • By end-user industry, the construction segment dominated the market. It is estimated to reach an expected USD 3823.631 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 77.3%. PPE detection kits are deployed to determine whether or not a worker is wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and to provide or refuse entry to the construction site. Furthermore, the PPE detection devices keep track of the PPE on the workers' bodies. As a result, increased worker safety has led to installing PPE detection systems on construction sites, which is expected to enhance the PPE detection market over the forecast period.
  • The healthcare segment is the fastest-growing segment. It is estimated to reach an expected value of USD 2027 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 82%. Advancement in PPE detection technology is likely to lead to the growth of the healthcare PPE detection segment during the forecast period.

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Regional Analysis of the Global PPE Detection Market:

By region, it is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. North America dominated the market. It is estimated to reach an expected value of USD 4500 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 79%. PPE is utilized in the healthcare and food processing industries to prevent the spread of illness, viruses, and food contamination. Furthermore, the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in a significant increase in PPE kits in hospitals. PPE detection systems are in place to ensure that doctors, nurses, and other staff members are using PPE kits when treating patients. This has enhanced the demand for PPE detection in North America.

Europe is the second-largest market. It is estimated to reach an expected USD 3990 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 78%. Food processing companies have been expanding throughout Europe in recent years due to increased packaged food consumption. As a result, personal protective equipment (PPE) in manufacturing plants has increased. As a result, PPE detecting systems have been installed to regulate access to the premises. Similarly, the expansion of healthcare facilities, hospitals, and R&D facilities has resulted in installing PPE detection systems. As a result, the PPE detection industry in Europe is booming.

Asia-Pacific is the third-largest market. It is estimated to reach an expected USD 1359 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 81%. The construction and oil and gas industries have seen tremendous expansion in Asia. The countries with the most construction activity are mostly India and China. Furthermore, food processing and healthcare facilities are increasing on a bigger scale throughout the Asia-Pacific region. As a result, the usage of PPE is rising, which is projected to aid the growth of the PPE detection system market.

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Top Key Companies

  • Agile Lab (AIM2)
  • Axis Communications AB
  • Intenseye
  • OptiSol Business Solution
  • Pervasive Technologies
  •, and System One Digital
  • Uncanny Vision Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Vehant Technologies
  • VTech.

Global PPE Detection Market: Segmentation

By Type

  • Eye, Face & Head
  • Hand
  • Body
  • Other

By Deployment

  • On-Premises
  • Cloud

By End-user Industry

  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Food Processing
  • Others

By Region

  • North America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe

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1          Introduction

1.1      Market Definition

1.2      Market Scope

2          Research Methodology

2.1      Primary Research

2.2      Research Methodology

2.3      Assumptions & Exclusions

2.4      Secondary Data Sources

3          Executive Summary

4          Market Overview

4.1      Report Segmentation & Scope

4.2      Value Chain Analysis: PPE Detection Market

4.2.1  Vendor Matrix

4.3      Key Market Trends

4.3.1  Drivers

4.3.2  Restraints

4.3.3  Opportunities

4.4      Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

4.4.1  Bargaining Power of Suppliers

4.4.2  Bargaining Power of Buyers

4.4.3  Threat of Substitution

4.4.4  Threat of New Entrants

4.4.5  Competitive Rivalry

4.5      Environment & Regulatory Landscape

4.6      Forecast Factors & Relevance of Impact

4.7      Macro-Economic & Geopolitical Scenario

4.8      Parent Market Overview

4.9      Technology Landscape

4.10   Market Share Analysis

4.11   Potential Venture Analysis

4.12   Regional Price Trends

4.13   Raw Material Trends

4.14   Cost Structure Analysis

4.14.1            Labor Cost

4.14.2            Consumables

4.14.3            Maintenance Cost

4.15   Covid-19 Impact Analysis:

4.15.1            Pre and Post Covid-19 Market Scenario Analysis

4.15.2            Market Recovery Timeline and Challenge

4.15.3            Measures Taken by Top Players

4.15.4            Quarterly Market Revenue and Growth Forecast till 2021        North America        Europe        Asia-Pacific        Central and South America and the Caribbean        The Middle East and Africa

5               Type Overview

5.1      Introduction

5.1.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

5.2      Eye, Face & Head

5.2.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

5.3      Hand

5.3.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

5.4      Body

5.4.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

5.5      Other

5.5.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

6               Deployment Overview

6.1      Introduction

6.1.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

6.2      On-Premises

6.2.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

6.3      Cloud

6.3.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

7               End User Overview

7.1      Introduction

7.1.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

7.2      Oil & Gas

7.2.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

7.3      Construction

7.3.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

7.4      Healthcare

7.4.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

7.5      Food Processing

7.5.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

7.6      Others

7.6.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

8             Regional Overview

8.1      Introduction

8.1.1  Market Size & Forecast (Value & Volume)

8.2      North America

8.2.1  Economic Overview

8.2.2  Market Scenario

8.2.3  U.S.

8.2.4  Canada

8.2.5  Mexico

8.3      Central and South America and the Caribbean

8.3.1  Economic Overview

8.3.2  Market Scenario

8.3.3  Brazil

8.3.4  Argentina

8.3.5  Colombia

8.3.6  Rest of Central and South America and the Caribbean

8.4      Europe

8.4.1  Economic Overview

8.4.2  Market Scenario

8.4.3  Germany

8.4.4  France

8.4.5  The U.K.

8.4.6  Italy

8.4.7  The Rest Of Europe

8.5      Asia-Pacific (APAC)

8.5.1  Economic Overview

8.5.2  Market Scenario

8.5.3  China

8.5.4  Japan

8.5.5  India

8.5.6  Australia

8.5.7  South Korea

8.5.8  Rest Of APAC

8.6      Middle East

8.6.1  Economic Overview

8.6.2  Market Scenario

8.6.3  South Arabia

8.6.4  The UAE

8.6.5  Qatar

8.6.6  Oman

8.6.7  Turkey

8.6.8  The Rest Of Middle East

8.7      Africa

8.7.1  Economic Overview

8.7.2  Market Scenario

8.7.3  Nigeria

8.7.4  South Africa

8.7.5  The Rest Of Africa

9          Competitive Landscape — Manufacturers & Suppliers

9.1      Competition Dashboard

9.2      Industry Structure

9.3      Agile Lab (AIM2)

9.3.1  Business Overview

9.3.2  Financial Performance

9.3.3  Recent Developments

9.3.4  Portfolio

9.4      Axis Communications AB

9.5      Intenseye

9.6      OptiSol Business Solution

9.7      Pervasive Technologies

9.8, and System One Digital

9.9      Uncanny Vision Solutions Pvt. Ltd

9.10   Vehant Technologies

9.11   VTech.

10       Conclusion & Recommendation

11       Acronyms & Abbreviations

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Market News

  • February 2021 - Axis Communication launched a new AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry as a part of AXIS Camera Station video management software. It manages the opening and closing of doors for registered employees and visitors. It can also be used for PPE detection purposes and to access the entry on the premises.

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