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Saleh Stevens, CEO and Founder of Continental Clinical Solutions, Featured in Authority Magazine

Continental Clinical Solutions' Saleh Stevens was recently featured in Authority Magazine's interview series entitled, "Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A CEO."

Saleh Stevens, CEO of Continental Clinical Solutions, was recently featured by Authority Magazine where he shared his insights on being an entrepreneur.

TOWSON, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 15, 2022 / -- Saleh Stevens, CEO and founder of Continental Clinical Solutions in Towson, Maryland, was recently featured in an interview with Authority Magazine.

In the interview entitled, "Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A CEO," Saleh discusses his career journey, from his humble beginnings as an associate in the financial industry to where he is today as the head of a successful biopharmaceutical company. He also shares his insights on what it takes to be a successful CEO, as well as the challenges and rewards that come with the job.

"I am honored to have been given the opportunity to share my story and insights with Authority Magazine," said Saleh. "I hope that my experiences can inspire others who are considering a career in business."

"It's a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun," Saleh says of being a CEO. "You get to wear a lot of different hats, and you never really know what's going to happen next."

Saleh also discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion in the clinical research field, and how he hopes to use his platform to promote equality for both physician-investigators and patients.

"Clinical research is vital to the advancement of medical science, but it's also important that we diversify the field so that everyone has a chance to participate," he says. "I want to use my position to help make that happen."

He also emphasized the importance of diversity in all kinds of business ventures.

"There's a lot of talk about diversity these days, but it's not just a buzzword," Saleh says. "Diversity is essential to any successful business because it brings different perspectives and ideas to the table."

Furthermore, by sharing how he started and grew Continental Clinical Solutions from a small startup to a well-respected research-driven biopharmaceutical company, Saleh hopes to provide valuable insights and inspiration for other entrepreneurs.

According to him, the key to success is always staying focused on the mission, no matter how challenging things get.

"No matter what obstacles you face, always stay true to your mission," he says. "That's what will guide you through tough times and help you achieve your goals."

When asked about his advice on how company leaders can help create a fantastic work culture, Saleh says that it all starts with setting the tone.

"The most important thing is to create a culture of respect, transparency, and trust," he says. "If you can do that, you're well on your way to having a great company."

Saleh continued by saying that this kind of culture follows if you stick with your company values and mission statement. "At Continental Clinical Solutions, our mission is to promote equality in clinical research and health education through our work," he says. "It's something we're very passionate about, and it's what drives everything we do."

He is also proud to say that Continental's impact on the world doesn't stop at the work they do in the office.

"We also have a strong commitment to giving back to our communities," he says. "We work with local organizations to provide health education and promote clinical research opportunities in underserved populations."

Saleh's story is one of humble beginnings, hard work, and dedication to his mission. His journey is an inspiration to anyone who is considering a career in business, and his insights on what it takes to be a successful CEO are invaluable.

He is proof that with focus, determination, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, anything is possible.

Saleh has been at the helm of Continental since its inception in 2012, and he's helped the organization develop a product portfolio that extends well beyond patient care and data collection to have a beneficial influence on society and individual health. For the past 9 years, Saleh and his team have expanded access to quality clinical research while also providing health education to underrepresented communities. Now, he's being featured in an interview with Authority Magazine to discuss his work, how he got started, and what the future holds for Continental Clinical Solutions.

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