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Premier Health and Holistic Medicine Releases Guide on Why an Integrative Medical Doctor Can Lyme Disease

Integrative Medicine Treats Lyme Disease

LEESBURG, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2022 / -- Premier Health and Holistic Medicine have released a guide on why an integrative medical doctor is the best choice for treating Lyme disease. Often, Lyme disease is misdiagnosed in the beginning because the early-stage symptoms are like the flu. However, an integrative medicine approach can catch the disease early and start treatment quickly.

Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses often are difficult to diagnose and treat. Many patients can go months or years without getting treated for the root cause of their health problems. This can result in an adverse health condition, as Lyme disease has several later stage symptoms that are severe.

When seeing an integrative medicine doctor, they will look for the root cause of the problems instead of treating the symptoms. Targeting the main reason for the health issues can lead to quicker diagnosis and a faster recovery. Integrative medicine doctors will look at several factors when considering how to treat someone with Lyme disease, including:

• Allergic triggers
• Healing the gut
• Balancing hormones
• Calming the nervous system
• Reducing toxic exposure and enhancing detoxification
• Treating infection

Lyme disease can often be paired with other infections as ticks can carry a variety of bacteria. Chronic inflammation and infection can cause a ripple effect on someone’s whole body and lead to multiple system infections. An integrative medicine approach allows the patient to be treated for several bacterial infections with a whole-body healing approach.

Bacterial infections, including Lyme disease, can often have physical and neurological issues. Neuropsychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation may arise. Since Lyme disease symptoms can be severe for someone’s physical and mental health, it’s essential to seek care.

At Premier Health and Holistic Medicine, Dr. Ridinger is a holistic medicine practitioner in Leesburg, Virginia, specializing in treating Lyme disease. People who have discovered a bullseye rash or have flu-like symptoms can reach Dr. Ridinger to make an appointment by visiting the Premier Health and Holistic Medicine website.

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